Daily Links Aug 21

Now we plan where to find refuge when, not if, bush fires hit. Once we looked forward to summer, now we are fearful of it. How many > 40 degree days this summer?

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Mohammed VI’s Birthday    Morocco
Cupcake Day         http://www.rspcacupcakeday.com.au/
Keep Australia Beautiful Week     http://kab.org.au/keep-australia-beautiful-week/
Speech Pathology Week     http://www.speechpathologyaustralia.org.au/
Hearing Awareness Week     http://www.hearingawarenessweek.org.au/
Poet’s Day           https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/poets-day/
Senior Citizens Day       https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/senior-citizens-day/
More about Aug 21         https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/August_21

Minister’s decisions not up for legal challenge, as citizenship toll mounts
Executive decisions, including a possible loan to the Adani coal project, made by ministers now subject to the High Court citizenship challenge, would not be at legal risk if the Court finds the ministers ineligible to be elected, according to the federal government.

Yancoal cuts loss as coal prices rise
Chinese-controlled miner Yancoal Australia, which agreed to buy Rio Tinto’s Hunter Valley coalmines for $US2.69 billion ($3.4bn), has recorded a first-half loss amid surging coal prices as finance costs on its hefty debt pile kept it in the red.

Where to take refuge in your home during a bushfire
Douglas Brown

Energy no place for ideology
Josh Frydenberg
From networks to green schemes, the government is working to cut power costs.

Rescuers may need saving from climate changes
Sophie Welsh
Rising sea levels and warming oceans are putting Australian surf life-saving clubs under increasing pressure, creating dangerous surf conditions and hindering the ability of life-savers to provide supervision and safety to beachgoers.

Tips raising fees for rubbish dumpers
MELBOURNE rubbish tip users have been dumped with fee hikes of up to 60 per cent. The state government landfill levy and other cost increases are blamed.

New South Wales
Toxic water entering Sydney’s drinking catchment, research warns
One of Australia’s leading water scientists says the contamination from millions of litres of highly toxic water is “internationally significant”, with heavy metals in the Wingecarribee River far exceeding safe environmental levels.

Anti-litter scheme could cost Coke $100m
Adele Ferguson
NSW’s anti-litter “exchange for change” scheme set to kick off on December 1, could increase costs by $100 million a year for Coca-Cola Amat…

Dry winter primes Sydney Basin for early start of bushfire season
Matthias Boer et al

Recycling revolution: How empty wine and beer bottles could be used to build roads
An $8 million upgrade to Canberra’s recycling plant could see throwaway glass turned into construction materials, but only if there are enough buyers for the experimental material.

Hume recycling centre can make your glass bottles into concrete

Investing in a brighter energy future for Australia
David and Lainie Shorthouse
We’re backers, not bystanders. Like many, we’re concerned about climate change – and want to play our part. That’s why we’re among the 867 people who invested in what will be Australia’s largest, community-owned solar farm.

NSW medical waste ‘being dumped’ on Darling Downs
Queensland residents raise concerns about the possible dumping of medical waste from New South Wales hospitals on a Darling Downs waste facility which has been approved for a massive expansion.

Fears of wipeout as koalas put to death
MOST injured koalas taken to this Brisbane RSPCA wildlife hospital don’t make it out alive and there are new fears the marsupial may be wiped out in the region.

Volunteer work force lightens rubbish load
THESE volunteers deserve a huge shout out. Last week they recorded the largest amount of marine debris removed during a single clean-up event at a remote Far Northern beach.

‘Vital element’ finalised
THE developer of a large-scale Far North renewable energy hub has struck a “critical” new agreement as the project powers towards production.

Northern Territory
The Indigital app explains the stories of Indigenous people around Kakadu
A new phone app allows people visiting Kakadu to better learn the Indigenous stories connected with particular areas.

Meet an Arnhem Land crew catching feral buffalo
Catching feral buffalo in remote central Arnhem Land is not a job for the faint-hearted.

The perils of pesticide drift.
Chemical spraying misses its mark with alarming frequency, and neighboring farms—especially organic ones—often pay the price. Luckily, hope is in the air.

The eco guide to Electric Vehicle hype
Don’t get spooked by the pro-fossil fuel lobby: when we abandon petrol and diesel, our whole world is going to change

‘Super nuke’: US’s worst weapon
THEY’RE 20 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. And in 30 minutes, they can reach anywhere on Earth.

Trump’s attack on science isn’t going very well.
Robert B. Richardson Washington Post
The first 200 days of the Trump administration have been marked by direct and consistent confrontations with the scientific community, and no area of science has been targeted more explicitly than climate science.

Cars crash: the end of the combustion engine
SMH editorial
The issue is not whether the internal combustion engine is set for extinction, but how fast and how well the transition to electricity happens.

Now for something completely different …
The modern cult of the management KPI doesn’t measure up
Ross Gittins

Maelor Himbury