India … something for everyone.

India … in pictures

Click on this link and you’ll see a montage of pics from a couple of recent trips to India. Do you want summer, do you want winter? Do you want spirituality, do want merchandise, do you want the maelstrom of humanity or are you after some natural environments. And do you want to feast in one of the major cuisines of the world?

I found my love of India in 1972 and I have spent many many months in many many visits over the intervening years in India’s warm embrace . Three weeks would be a minimum stay I reckon and three months allows you to travel across many of India’s 29 plus degrees of latitude (80.4′ – 370.6′ north) and 28 plus degrees of longitude (680.7′ – 970.2′ east). There’s a fair bit of altitude there too, from sea level to 8,848 metres in the high Himalaya. And think on this, the geology of the summit of Sagamatha (Mt Everest in the old money) is marine limestone.