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Big projects like Adani won’t transform regional Queensland but if they go ahead, they will transform regional NSW as they suck mining jobs from the Hunter. The services sector built around Qld’s unique competitive advantage is where the future lies. Nowhere else has the Great Barrier Reef but everywhere else has people who want to see it.

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Scientists ‘shocked’ at logging of endangered swift parrot habitat
Conservation scientists are calling on the Tasmanian Government to ban logging in recognised swift parrot nesting areas after discovering a key site in the state’s south was recently felled.

Today’s Celebration
Harvest Festival       US Virgin Islands
World Orphans Day     https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/world-orphans-day/
World Kindness Day     https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/kindness-day/
Australian Food Safety Week   http://www.foodsafety.asn.au/
Pollinator Week        http://beesbusiness.com.au/pollweekmain.html
National Recycling Week   http://recyclingweek.planetark.org/about/
National Adoption Awareness Week         http://www.adoptchange.org.au/
Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Awareness Week   http://www.panda.org.au/awareness/pnda-awareness-week
Alopecia Awareness Week   http://aaaf.org.au/alopecia-awareness-week/
Antibiotic Awareness Week   http://nps.org.au/aaw2016
More about Nov 13       https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/November_13

Climate Change
Al Gore: ‘I tried my best’ but Trump can’t be educated on climate change
At UN climate talks in Bonn, Gore is heading an unofficial group trying to stop climate change – in the face of scepticism from Trump administration officials

We’re not even close to being prepared for the rising waters
Bill McKibben
For the 10,000 years of human civilization, we’ve been blessed with a relatively stable climate, with flooding an exceptional terror. That blessing is coming to an end.

The skunk at the climate party
William Becker
Trump’s dismantling of federal climate policies combined with his aspiration to make the United States the world’s largest producer of fossil fuels constitute nothing less than a crime against humanity, present and future.

CEFC backs wind-plus-battery project
Singapore outfit Nexif Energy locks in $150m of debt funding from Clean Energy Finance Corporation for a project that will include the first large-scale unsubsidised battery system.

Bernardi’s bid to lift nuke bans
Conservative senator Cory Bernardi will introduce a bill today that seeks to lift a ban on nuclear power plants.

Are you the hero frogs need right now? This app will tell you!
First Dog on the Moon
This exciting new frog identification app will help you work out if anything around you is an actual frog and which one it is. It’s not all frog fun though

The enemies within: Matthew Guy divides Liberals

Cycling Melbourne: Planned Fisherman’s Bend cycling path slammed by truck drivers

New South Wales
Aboriginal people spread native plants by hand: study
Bush-tucker plants were spread by hand across mountainous regions in New South Wales by Indigenous people, according to a new scientific theory published today.

We tried: Cycling the National Arboretum on electric bikes

Canberra just threw a 100th birthday party for this forest

Palaszczuk ‘not aware’ of PwC donation on same day of Adani veto
The Queensland Premier says she was unaware consultancy company PricewaterhouseCoopers donated more than $2,000 to Labor on the same day she revealed her partner Shaun Drabsch was involved in a loan application for Adani, but says she has no concerns about it.

Queensland land clearing could become ‘tsunami’, say conservation groups
Notification of planned clearing is up 30% in the past year compared with the previous three-year average

North Stradbroke on knife-edge as it readies for tourism to replace mining
Straddie is on a knife-edge with sand miner Sibelco leaving in 2019 and a transition plan facing serious questions.

Labor commits more than $150 million for renewable energy

Palaszczuk hides solar subsidies
The Palaszczuk government is under pressure to reveal how much it has paid to underwrite eight large-scale solar projects to help achieve its 50 per cent renewable target by 2030.

Central Queensland council sticks by bounty on ‘monster’ feral cats
The Banana Shire Council says despite receiving a “fair few ridiculous letters and phone calls”, it will continue its $10 bounty on feral cats, providing residents present the scalps of the dead animals to collect.

Why big projects like the Adani coal mine won’t transform regional Queensland
John Cole, University of Southern Queensland

Scientists ‘shocked’ at logging of endangered swift parrot habitat
Conservation scientists are calling on the Tasmanian Government to ban logging in recognised swift parrot nesting areas after discovering a key site in the state’s south was recently felled.

Logging cessation needed in swift parrot habitat: Wilderness Society
An immediate end to logging in the swift parrot habitat is “urgently” needed following the discovery of impacted nesting trees in the state’s South, the Wilderness Society says.

Nesting trees appear destroyed
THE apparent destruction of nesting trees in the state’s south has been described as a “disaster” for Tasmania’s critical endangered swift parrot.

Letter solicits dam help
Proponents of an East Coast dam liaised with the Office of the Coordinator General over the $6m treasury loan sought by the Council for the project, new documents reveal.

Pulp mill went down a decade ago
Peter Henning
About this time a decade ago, Gunns thought it was at the top of its game, at the peak of its power and influence.

Western Australia
The ‘funeral flower’ bringing death to WA’s South West
It may look pretty, but the arum lily is an invasive weed threatening native species and destroying much of the natural beauty of WA’s South West.

Firefighters battle Kings Park bushfire

German coal mining could end by 2030s, says Merkel’s coalition negotiator
Leader of North Rhine-Westphalia, who is leading the CDU’s coalition talks on energy, said mines across Germany could be closed by the decade after next

Nature Conservation
Congo basin’s peaty swamps are new front in climate change battle
Ancient peatlands that store huge amounts of carbon are under threat from logging

America’s wildest place is open for business
If you’ve never heard of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, you’re not alone. But it deserves our attention, now more than ever.

Opening ANWR to stop climate change?
Charles Wohlforth
Implausible arguments don’t sit well in oil development debate.

Maelor Himbury