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In 2017, the oceans were by far the hottest ever recorded
The second-hottest year recorded at Earth’s surface was the hottest in its oceans

Today’s Celebration
Feast of St. Sava   Serbia
National Activity Professionals Day    United States of America
Vietnam Day  Vietnam
WWII Genocide Memorial Day       Germany   United Kingdom
Sainte Devote  Monaco
International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust   http://www.un.org/en/holocaustremembrance/
More about Jan 27           https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/January_27        

Congratulations to these people I missed yesterday:
Colin Creighton, QLD
Gay William Morgan, VIC
Warwick Arthur Norman, VIC
Donald James Henry, VIC (Sorry, Don!)

Climate Change
America’s first climate change refugees try to save their town
Louisiana’s Isle de Jean Charles Resettlement Project is the only government-funded climate relocation in the country—and a test case for more to come.

In 2017, the oceans were by far the hottest ever recorded
The second-hottest year recorded at Earth’s surface was the hottest in its oceans

At Davos, bosses paint climate change as $7 trillion opportunity

Eucalypts: 10 things you may not know about an iconic Australian
Eucalypts dominate our landscapes from the bush to our backyards, paddocks, parks and pavements. They’re so common its easy to look past them, but there’s lots to learn about these extraordinary plants.

Safety risks stall nuclear role in Australia’s energy mix

Our immigration madness: without a population policy and bursting
Crispin Hull

Electric cars stuck in first
Philip King
Australia needs a clear vision for its take-up of electric vehicles as there now seems very little demand among general car-buyers.

Grassfire near Rainbow Serpent Festival in Lexton, Victoria
AN out-of-control grassfire came within a few hundred meters of a popular musical festival this afternoon, with concert goers warned the fire was heading directly towards them.

New South Wales
Where are the bull sharks in Sydney?

The Battle of Taralga
At 9am, a crowd of Rural Fire Service volunteers in yellow overalls assemble at the Taralga fire station north of Goulburn.

Mourning as NSW national parks run into the ground
Michael McFadyen

A train service that exists on paper only is nothing more than a mirage
Jodi McKay
Industrial action or not, the problems that have plagued the Sydney train network this year and frustrated commuters in the process are not going to go away.

ACT’s plastic bag ban to be reviewed

Dam building cheapest way to secure water for Queensland, government told

South Australia
Support national power plan or perish in the poll
In the lead up to the March State Election, Business SA is calling for all political parties to commit to remaining at …

Arnie’s Kiosk owner Paul Harding green with anger after algae forces closure of Rymill Park lake

States set to start round two of Murray Darling Basin Plan fight after Water Minister David Littleproud warning

Tasmania’s Lake Pedder a paradise lost
Simon Bevilacqua

Northern Territory
Daly River locals prepare to flee as flood threatens hundreds

Western Australia
WA anglers could soon be catching sportfish in South West dams

Outer Perth suburbs population set to double in decades

Ozone is a problem around the world — but solutions exist
As sources of ozone-exacerbating pollutants increase, countries weigh costs and benefits of tightened regulation.

Saving the earth with earth bricks
Kathmandu Valley’s air can be cleaner and its houses safer and cheaper to make with these new building blocks.

France crimps debate on reducing reliance on nuclear
The French government is hampering discussion about how to reduce the country’s reliance on nuclear energy by limiting debate about more radical alternatives, renewable energy advocates said on Thursday.

The people who would survive nuclear war
How an appendix to an obscure government report helped launch a blockbuster and push back the possibility of atomic war.

The economics of dirty old men
Paul Krugman
The Trump administration makes war on solar power.

‘Eat less meat’ ignores the role of animals in the ecosystem
Ariel Greenwood
A grazier argues that this popular sentiment misses the point, and distracts us from the opportunity to adopt a diet that will restore ecosystems while nourishing people.

Nature Conservation
Controversial insecticides pervasive in Great Lakes tributaries
U.S. scientists found neonicotinoid insecticides in about three-quarters of samples from 10 major Great Lakes tributaries.

Biofuel boost threatens even greater deforestation in Indonesia, Malaysia: Study
Global demand for biofuels containing palm oil looks set to grow sixfold by 2030, potentially driving the destruction of Southeast Asian rainforests the size of the Netherlands, a new report warns.

The ups and downs of marine protected areas: Examining the evidence
To find out if marine protected areas achieve their environmental and socioeconomic goals, we read 42 scientific studies and talked to seven experts.

Harmless or vicious hunter? The uneasy return of Europe’s wolves

Now for something completely different …
Andrew Bolt delays return after finding his inner ‘tree hugger’
Fans of Andrew Bolt’s column may have to wait a little longer for the News Corp commentator to return from his Christmas break. The prolific Sky News presenter and Herald Sun star blogger was expected back on board after Australia Day but has had to delay his return to work as he “fell out of a tree”.

Maelor Himbury