Ginkgoes are on the rise!

Ginkgo appreciation is a growing thing, whether fake Ginkgoes, Ginkgoes in homeware or Ginkgoes proud and free. Do yourself a favour and become Ginkgo-aware.

Limits to Growth – or endless economic growth? There’s an oxymoron here.

The fallacy of endless economic growth is a must-read article, well worth the perseverance. The author examines The Limits to Growth for the lessons it contains for economists and everyone else.. It was on the money then and its largely on the money now. The ideas it contains can be found in a wider social and political context in the excellent SBS-screened documentary series All watched over by machines of loving grace. Check it via Google.

Daily Links Mar 28

Matt Canavan might regard the coal industry as ‘a great and beautiful industry’ but I look to coral reefs as the basis for a great and beautiful tourism industry. And Matt, we can’t both have our versions of beauty because yours wrecks mine.

Daily Links Mar 27

Will the world ever be ready for solar engineering? Is there any point in giving research priority to carbon capture and storage? Both are sops to the fossil fool industry to allow them to keep doing what they do. We have to decouple energy generation from carbon-based fuels. Easy to say, much harder to do, but we have to do it!

Daily Links Mar 26

Adani fined $12,000 for law-breaking that damages the environment, activists each fined $8,000 for protecting the environment. Doesn’t this sound a little unfair in this land of the fair go, Malcolm?

Daily Links Mar 23

The Greens sank the CPRS and they brought down the Malaysia swap, will they now not block the Coalition’s marine park pillaging? Truly it is said that ‘the perfect is the enemy of the good’. Politics is compromise, the other quote that comes to mind refers to the impotence of purity.

Daily Links Mar 22

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