Daily Links May 13

Waddya mean Australia’s emissions rise for third consecutive year? We’ve spent around a billion dollars on the Coal-ition’s Emissions Reduction Fund. Could it be that this was a stupid idea?

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Help! I’m drowning in useless free junk I don’t need
Nicola Philp
Every event my children or I participate in leaves me standing there clutching yet another bag of useless, unwanted junk.

Today’s Celebration
Gospel Day   – Tuvalu
Virgen de Fatima – Peru
IEEE Global Engineering the Future Day – http://www.ieee.org/portal/site
Mother’s Day – https://www.calendardate.com/mothers_day.htm
Leprechaun Day – https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/leprechaun-day/
World Bellydance Day – https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/world-bellydance-day/
More about May 13 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_13

Climate Change
US public starved of facts that show climate change is here
A lecture at New York University Abu Dhabi explored public perceptions of climate change in the UAE and the US.

Emissions rise for third consecutive year
Climate scientists argue Australia risks cementing its reputation as a “global climate laggard” as the country’s greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise.

Quoll-ity viewing: Rare native predator found in forest
An endangered spot-tailed quoll has been found in Victoria’s alpine region, shutting down logging operations.

South-eastern red-tailed black cockatoo’s shrill screech may help save it from extinction
Unusually, the female of this cockatoo species is more colourful than the male.

‘Melbourne is grinding to a halt’: party tackles peak hour
The Transport Matters Party, recently registered, says people are frustrated on the roads and want change.

A ray of hope in the fight against unsustainable logging
Nick Legge
In the Rubicon State Forest, near where I live, the remaining broadly intact areas of mature ash will be gone in as little as five years.

New South Wales
‘NSW Koala Strategy’ kisses conservation goodbye
Sue Arnold
The Berejiklian Government’s “strategy” cherry-picked facts, advisors and resolutions to the declining koala population

Queensland-designed ‘hospital burrow’ to help save wombats from extinction
Sarcoptic mange disease is the most agonising disease in the animal kingdom and threatening the existence of bare-nosed wombats, but Queensland researchers may have a solution.

Bush Tucker Man Les Hiddins has been awarded an honorary doctorate from James Cook University [$]
Years of living and studying out in the bush has taught bush tucker man Les Hiddins some surprising things about bush food.

‘Just four citizens’: the Australians who confronted Adani in India, and made a difference
David Ritter
In this book extract, Geoff Cousins describes how the farmer, the activist, the tourism operator and ‘an old bald man with hope in his heart’ travelled to India to protest against Adani

Labor can extend lead over LNP by cutting links to Greens [$]
Courier-Mail editorial
The sooner the Labor Party acknowledges the destructive nature of Greens policy and distances itself from them, the better off it will be.

South Australia
Recycling rescue package for SA [$]
More than $12 million will go towards South Australian councils and the recycling industry to help them deal with the fallout of a Chinese rubbish ban threatening to cripple them.

Bushwalk proposals for national parks [$]
Bushwalk proposals submitted by the Tasmanian Walking Company for Cradle Mountain, Frenchman’s Cap and the Walls of Jerusalem National Park are between two and four years away.

Man’s constant need to reshape the land [$]
Charles Wooley
The Franklin River argument showed how sometimes nature most eloquently expresses its own defence.

Northern Territory
NT Labor Party divisions revealed as majority vote to ban fracking
Delegates at Territory Labor’s annual conference vote in favour of a ban on fracking, highlighting the deep divisions within the party just a month after the Gunner Government lifted its moratorium.

To have children or not: The importance of finding a balance
With the globally adopted Sustainable Development Goals, future demographic trends may be affected around the world.

Help! I’m drowning in useless free junk I don’t need
Nicola Philp
Every event my children or I participate in leaves me standing there clutching yet another bag of useless, unwanted junk.

Nature Conservation
Border wall threatens ‘substantial’ harm to biodiversity, scientists warn
Expanding the “wall” along the U.S.–Mexico border is controversial for many reasons, not the least of which is fear that it would harm the region’s wildlife and wildlife habitat.

‘Paradise and hell’: the battle to save the forest elephant
Damian Carrington
Gabon’s wild and beautiful rainforest is on the frontline against ivory poachers, part of international criminal networks that also fund terrorists

Maelor Himbury