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Re Eunice Foote and her seminal work on the role of CO2 in warming the atmosphere, we all lose when half of humanity is kept out of contributing.

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The future will not be dry
In a world of melting ice caps, storm surges, and tropical cyclones, the most resilient cities aren’t the ones that fight the water back—but the ones that absorb it.

Today’s Celebration
Independence Day – East Timor
National Day – Cameroon
Party Day or Popular Movement Day – Zaire (Democratic Congo)
St. Ferdinand Day – Spain
Simbi Blanc – Voudon
Pentecost – Christian
Shavuod – Judaism
More about May 20 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_20

Climate Change
Climate change: The EU’s aiming to set a goal of zero-emissions by 2050
Reaching zero emissions is crucial if we are to avoid climate catastrophe. The EU could show other countries how to get there.

This woman fundamentally changed climate science — and you’ve probably never heard of her
Eunice Foote is finally honored for her contributions 162 years later.

What our cities of the ageing will look like [$]
Our cities will have to undergo a design revolution to make them more aged-friendly as the number of older residents soars over coming decades.

Desal plant leaks $649m a year [$]
The cost to maintain and ­operate Victoria’s desalination plant will rise to as much as $649 million next year and the annual cost to keep the plant running is forecast to increase by $30?million over this year.

Could chainsaws fix our animal habitat problem?
A team of Melbourne researchers are taking an environmental villain and turning it into a saviour.

New South Wales
Wild Snowy Mountains brumbies to be saved by heritage status
They were made famous in the Banjo Paterson poem “The Man from Snowy River”, now brumbies in the Snowy Mountains are to be given legal recognition as part of Australia’s heritage.

Canberra tops the nation for driver collisions with animals
Canberra has once again topped the nation for the most car collisions involving animals on the road, new figures show.

Trashional parks: Rangers now spend half their time cleaning up rubbish
Cars, couches, fridges, mattresses and old beds are just some of the items being dumped in the ACT’s national parks, putting Canberra’s water supply at risk and frustrating rangers.

Indigenous rangers to be the eyes and ears of Great Barrier Reef
Protection of the Great Barrier Reef will be boosted with the help of 40 new Indigenous rangers, who are being trained as part of a $30 million Federal Government program.

Who’ll be barracking for our Reef next [$]
The Obama family are just some of the high-profile names being approached by the Queensland Government to help protect the Great Barrier Reef.

South Australia
A wombat love story [$]
After years of trying, Gorge Wildlife Park has succesfully bred a southern hairy-nosed wombat in captivity with the young joey now taking its first steps out of its burrow.

Battery to power up Cape Jervis [$]
A mobile battery energy storage system is supporting the electricity network in Cape Jervis, as part of a $3.65 million trial developed by the University of Adelaide.

SA Water considering plan to reduce mains pressure to stop pipe bursts [$]
Reducing water pressure to cut the number of burst mains and improving the taste and smell of Adelaide’s supplies are being considered by SA Water as part of a long-term strategy.

Labor lashes Government’s outlet plans [$]
The Hodgman Government’s Southern Outlet solution does not go far enough, the Opposition says.

Tassie’s marine life saver [$]
North America is looking closely at a Hobart invention that could help whales find a clearer path.

UNESCO ‘calls out’ Tasmanian Government over wilderness rezoning
A recent UNESCO World Heritage Committee document highlights serious risks to Tasmania’s wilderness brand, conservationists say.

China’s Xi urges end to waste
China’s President Xi Jinping says China has made great progress in fighting against pollution but the achievements need to be fully consolidated.

The future will not be dry
In a world of melting ice caps, storm surges, and tropical cyclones, the most resilient cities aren’t the ones that fight the water back—but the ones that absorb it.

The epic “Planet or Plastic?” Nat Geo cover is just the beginning
It kicks off a multi-year campaign to fight plastic pollution that includes a $10 million partnership with Sky and a collaboration with The North Face.

Meet Vaclav Smil, the man who has quietly shaped how the world thinks about energy
As the world faces the challenge of curbing climate change, Smil’s work on energy transitions is getting more attention than ever. But his message is not necessarily one of hope.

Steven Pinker’s ideas about progress are fatally flawed.
In Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress, Steven Pinker argues that the human race has never had it so good. These eight graphs show why he’s so wrong.

Jonathan Salk discusses global growth and challenges facing humanity
Abandoning the values of the past in favor of collaboration and sustainability will benefit the planet.

Nature Conservation
How much of the world’s protected land is actually protected?
Intense human pressure on areas set aside for preservation could be threatening biodiversity.

Conservation conundrum: Is focusing on a single species a good strategy?
Researchers are questioning the fundamental conservation concept that creating and managing protected areas for a single “umbrella” species.

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