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Giles Parkinson, in a RenewEconomy article yesterday, tells you what you need to know but don’t want to know about Morrison Ministers Melissa Price and Angus Taylor, Environment and Energy respectively. Google the article and be afraid, be very afraid with the arrival of these two. Some days the steps backwards are well in excess of the steps forward!

Post of the Day

‘Rain dancing 2.0’: should humans be using tech to control the weather?

A cluster of new technologies aim to fulfill humanity’s ancient desire to influence the weather. But is it a good idea?



Today’s Celebration

Anniversary of the Women’s Revolt – Guinea

Independence Day – Moldova

Petroleum Day (Texas) – United States of America

International Bat Night – https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/international-bat-night/

Legacy Week – http://www.legacy.com.au/LegacyWeek

More about Aug 27 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/August_27


Climate Change

Climate change is real. We must not offer credibility to those who deny it

If ‘balance’ means giving voice to those who deny the reality of human-triggered climate change, we will not take part in the debate, say Jonathan Porritt, Caroline Lucas, Clive Lewis and 57 other writers, politicians and academics



India’s devastating rains match climate change forecasts

Once-a-century rains that have pounded the Indian state of Kerala and displaced 1.3 million people are in line with the predictions of climate change.



‘Rain dancing 2.0’: should humans be using tech to control the weather?

A cluster of new technologies aim to fulfill humanity’s ancient desire to influence the weather. But is it a good idea?




Rain brings relief in NSW and Queensland, but drought far from over

Parts of drought-ravaged eastern Australia receive more rain in two days than in previous months combined



WA regional MP Melissa Price set to be new federal environment minister

Western Australian MP Melissa Price will be promoted to the environment portfolio as part of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s new Cabinet.



Blackouts put new team on notice [$]

Two interstate power interconnectors blow in a dramatic reminder to Morrison to fix energy policy.



Our tap water is among the world’s best, but Aussies still turn to the bottle

It’s an industry worth more than $700 million annually, but it also contributes to a huge plastic waste problem — the list of reasons why Australians keep buying bottled water is long and varied.



How Andy Vesey became the fall guy in the national power play

Ian Verrender

The extraordinary spike in electricity prices across Australia was caused by the 15 years of federal government inaction and factional infighting over energy policy. But in politics it’s always best to have a handy victim who can cop the vitriol for the mistakes of others.



At last, maybe a real choice on climate change [$]

Alan Kohler

Scott Morrison should pull out all the stops on energy and climate policy.



Turnbull’s bewildering climate change obsession [$]

Tim Blair

Climate change still hasn’t killed anybody, but it is remarkably effective at ending political careers. And reducing profits, if supermarket plastic bag bans are any guide.




‘It’s just washed away’: Winter storm erosion threatening the Great Ocean Road

Thousands of cubic metres of sand have been washed away from beaches along the Great Ocean Road at Apollo Bay and Marengo with local residents calling on state and federal governments to do more to find a long term solution to the problem.



$100m to be spent easing the extra traffic West Gate Tunnel will bring

Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Sally Capp has announced $50 million in funding to help mitigate the effects of the West Gate Tunnel.



New South Wales

‘Crush capacity’: The worst time to get on Sydney’s light rail

The number of passengers enduring “crush capacity” on Sydney’s inner west light rail line or being left behind on platforms will worsen unless the Berejiklian government buys more trams to boost the frequency of services, “sensitive” documents warn.




ACT-backed wind farm the best performing in Australia this year

A wind farm generating renewable energy for the ACT has run at full power for 47 per cent of the year so far, making it Australia’s best performing wind farm in 2018.




Labor ditched reef bonds idea [$]

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation proposed a “reef bond” scheme that was killed off by the Gillard government.



Government has the upper hand in Reef future

Sue Arnold

The lack of condemnation by the scientific community over the treatment of the Reef is not helping the cause.



South Australia

Return of whales saves small town from disappearing

After a century of avoiding the area, southern right whales are returning to the winter waters around Fowlers Bay on South Australia’s west coast, boosting tourism in the small town.



Camels invade coast: Unusual locale for feral animals symptomatic of drought

A slightly blurred photo of a group of camels roaming in a field.

Feral camels fleeing dry conditions in the Nullarbor have reached farmlands near Western Australia’s southern coast.



Home rooftop batteries to ward off blackouts [$]

A taxpayer-backed scheme to bolt batteries on to home solar systems is expected to begin rolling out before summer in a move aimed at helping stave off forced blackouts.




‘People have had enough’: Locals protest as salmon producer relocates sick fish to southern Tasmania

Hundreds of people squeeze into community halls in Tasmania’s south to protest against Huon Aquaculture relocating diseased salmon from its farms off the coast of Bruny Island to a local waterway.



Guy Barnett announces energy efficiency grants for farmers

Farmers can now apply for grants for infrastructure such as irrigation pumps, lighting, insulation, solar panels, solar powered battery storage, or ventilation, heating or cooling equipment, up to $20,000.



Fruit fly to be eradicated by January 2019, new programs launched

Tasmania will be fruit fly free by January 9 next year, the state government say.



Western Australia

An Aboriginal teenager tackles water contamination with smart high school science

Year 12 student Uriah Daisy outside his school in Coolgardie, WA.

An Aboriginal teenager from outback WA has hopes a water filter he engineered will one day help improve water quality in places where its health effects are only recently being understood.




Electric cars exceed 1m in Europe as sales soar by more than 40%

Milestone reached nearly a year after China but ahead of the US



Irish bishops announce divestment from fossil fuels ahead of the pope’s visit

Hours before the arrival of Pope Francis, the world’s leading champion of the environment, the Irish Catholic Bishops Conference announced it would divest from fossil fuels.



Cycle, walk, drive or train? Weighing up the healthiest (and safest) ways to get around the city

Hassan Vally

Riding your bike is by far the healthiest way of getting around.



A dirty plan that would kill Americans

Washington Post editorial

The EPA’s new plan would weaken the federal government’s response to the greatest long-term threat the world faces.





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