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Love means not making our neighbours choke on our exhaust, nor pouring so much greenhouse gas into the atmosphere that we fry the neighbours. Could someone tell the Happy Clapper that we need a climate policy that limits emissions?


Post of the Day

Climate change is making storms like Hurricane Florence worse

Florence isn’t a preview of what is to come from climate change; it is an example of what climate change is doing to storms right now



Today’s Celebration

Anniversary of the failed attack on Lome – Togo

Constitutional Declaration Day – Cambodia

Heritage Day – South Africa

Manit Day – Marshall Islands

Nationality Day – Guinea Bissau

New Caledonia Day – New Caledonia

Our Lady of Mercy – Spain

Our Lady of Mercy Day – Dominican Republic

Pando Local Festival – Bolivia

Santa Cruz Local Festival – Bolivia

Virgin of las Mercedes – Peru

Sukkot – Judaism  

Save the Koala Day – http://www.savethekoala.com/

International Week of Happiness at Work – https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/international-week-of-happiness-at-work/

More about Sep 24 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/September_24


Climate Change

Climate change is making storms like Hurricane Florence worse

Florence isn’t a preview of what is to come from climate change; it is an example of what climate change is doing to storms right now



Love means not making our neighbours choke on our exhaust

Byron Smith

How does faith in Father, Son and Spirit shape our love for clean and healthy skies?




Energy policy captive to lobbyists and ‘mad ideologues’, Tim Flannery says

Five years after the Climate Commission’s axing, its former head says there has been progress as well as setbacks



Australia’s biggest coal buyer tightens carbon policies

Australia’s biggest thermal coal customer is hardening its attitude towards the fuel.



Rough road ahead without energy guarantee [$]

Reliability has surged to the top of the energy industries’ worries as hopes fade for a smooth transition to lower-carbon energy supply



Carbon price policy ‘risks economy’ [$]

The OECD has warned Australia’s decision not to put a price on carbon emissions poses a sovereign risk.



New South Wales

Sydney Opera House goes carbon neutral five years early

The modernisation of a 50-year old seawater cooling system, the replacement of thousands of light bulbs and support for reforestation projects have combined to help the Sydney Opera House go carbon neutral five years ahead of target.



‘First salvo’: Lines drawn as battle over raising Warragamba Dam begins

A multi-year battle over the potential flooding of parts of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area has begin – even if prospects of a near-term flood are low.



The Green Left Weekly: It’s really a thing [$]

Tim Blair

The laughs were few and far between when the socialist newspaper the Green Left Weekly held its annual fundraising event at Leichhardt Town Hall on Saturday – but at least I got the chance to dress down




How drought is leading to a 100 per cent spike in kangaroo collisions

Seeing kangaroos on and around Canberra roads is nothing new, but cyclists are particularly exposed this year, thanks to increasingly dry weather.




Adani coalmine: most Queenslanders want water licence revoked, poll finds

Half of LNP voters and three-quarters of One Nation supporters want water preserved for farmers



Bushfire ‘likely’ to hit north Qld town

An out-of-control bushfire burning southwest of Cairns is expected to reach the town of Irvinebank in the Atherton Tablelands.



South Australia

Power games drain all of our energy [$]

Advertiser editorial

It’s a sad, but apparently necessary, state of affairs when SA could again be relying on diesel power to keep the lights on this summer.



Tasmania’s fish make best catch

Examiner editorial

Tasmania’s pristine waterways have attracted trout fishers for generations, with the past weekend’s Trout Expo just one of many fishing events on the state’s calendar.



Western Australia

Unpredictable WA bushfire contained

A bushfire at Kununurra in northern Western Australia has been contained but residents should still leave immediately.




Don’t want to go into a retirement home? Try a tiny house instead

This is Merle’s house. The 82-year-old loves everything about it — especially because it means she doesn’t have to rely on carers. So could tiny homes spark a retirement revolution?



What is coal ash and why is it dangerous?

Coal ash refers to what’s left after coal is burned. Those remnants pose environmental and health risks, especially when storage ponds are breached.




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