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The concept of a Gross National Happiness index, let alone an efficiency or sustainability economy rather than a growth economy is barely on the horizon. But the RBA sounds the alarm, wow!, this is a thing.

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One solution to climate change no one is talking about

Carbon sequestering in the soil beneath our feet has the potential to mitigate—and even significantly reverse—human-caused global warming.


Today’s Celebration

Anniversary of the death of President Said Mohamed Cheikh – Comoros

Marien Ngouabi Day – Congo (Republic of)

Men’s Day – Mongolia

National Flag & Anthem Day – Aruba

Soldier’s Day – Mongolia

Labor Day – Christmas Island

Benito Juárez Day – Mexico

Gallipoli Memorial Day – Turkey

Anniversary of the Oil Expropriation – Mexico

A Taste of Harmony

Awkward Moments Day

Companies That Care Day

Biodiesel Day

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Climate Change

One solution to climate change no one is talking about

Carbon sequestering in the soil beneath our feet has the potential to mitigate—and even significantly reverse—human-caused global warming.


A light amid the perils of climate change: Greta Thunberg

Julian Cribb

She’s just turned 16 and is already a world leader with more statesperson-like qualities, clear-eyed goals, plain speaking and sheer guts than almost any national head of today or recent history.



Questions raised over how $1bn of emissions funding have been allocated

As the government announces fund top-up, changes to rules point to problems with how emissions calculated


Brookfield’s $20b bet against a rapid electric car revolution [$]

Brookfield was an early investor in renewables and believes in the electric car story. But CEO Bruce Flatt says it won’t happen nearly as quickly as thought


New trial launched to make renewable power more reliable

A new trial has been launched to cut power bills by making wind and solar energy more predictable by letting these renewable generators forecast their energy production.


Vegie growers to root out plastic [$]

The nation’s biggest fruit and vegetable producers will work with supermarkets to reduce plastic packaging on produce.


The RBA has sounded the climate change alarm. Time to sit up and take notice

Greg Jericho

Students are striking, the central bank is warning of ‘damaging outcomes’ and denialism has to be met with scorn


ALP’s green deal short on details [$]

Nick Cater

Bill Shorten is struggling with a utopian climate policy he can’t afford to implement.


March against maths, English and general knowledge [$]

Tim Blair

Children abandoned their classrooms last week so they could protest about what the weather will do in the future — but they might have missed one or two facts.


Everything we know about recycling is a lie [$]

Jane Fynes-Clinton

What if carting around our metal drink bottles and ceramic coffee cups is not making an iota of difference to the waste avalanche we build upon each day? What then?



Food scrap power and plastic roads: is this the solution to our waste crisis?

China’s ban on Australian recyclables has thrown an industry into chaos, but innovative projects are changing the way we see waste.


Safety fears as syringes wash into the Yarra River

Disturbing numbers of discarded syringes are washing into river beds as the Yarra reaches the inner city.


New South Wales

Coalition push to make it easier for apartments to install solar

The Coalition will turn its attention to apartments to boost its green energy credentials.



Climate change fears after 23,000 flying fox deaths

About one-third of the population of spectacled flying foxes was wiped out in after unprecedented hot weather.


Resistance has ‘increased payouts’ [$]

Lawyers say Queensland’s attempts to stop indigenous groups gaining native title have increased future compensation payouts.


South Australia

Bid to phase out solar subsidies hits resistance [$]

Despite solar costs falling, power bills remain loaded with millions of dollars in subsidies. Critics want the subsidies wound down quickly but SA business leaders say rash changes would create more turmoil in the troubled electricity market.


How South Aussies feel about Bight oil drilling [$]

Almost 60 per cent of 844 respondents to the YouGov Galaxy poll were opposed to the proposal by Norwegian firm Equinor.


Vegetation fire threatens properties at Travellers Rest

Crews from four fire brigades attended a vegetation fire at Travellers Rest on Sunday evening.


Majestic Timbers hire contracts pulped [$]

It’s been a win for some of the Tasmanian contractors left jobless following the closure of Majestic Timbers.



Big business spent $1.4 billion on PR, advertising over the last decade

The oil industry “leads the pack by a mile,” with the American Petroleum Institute accounting for nearly half the total.


Energy execs: Climate change a concern, but oil & gas will be needed for decades

At a major energy conference in Houston, a few oil executives talked about a need to reinvent the industry, but they still see a long fossil future.



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