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As the Morrison government revels in the higher oil price due to Putin’s appalling ambition to create Greater Russia, the Pentecostal PM offers foreign aid in the form of coal to Ukraine. How cloth-headed can the coal-fondler be? And just to rub it in, it is we tax-payers who are picking up the bill to pay Whitehaven for it. 

Post of the Day

Sustainable forest use helps tackle climate crisis and achieve SDGs

From drinking a glass of water to building a house, forests are precious resources for people’s lives and are key to solving many global challenges, including the climate crisis and poverty, according to a new report developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in collaboration with the European Forest Institute (EFI).


On This Day

March 22


Ecological Observance

National Tree Day – Sint Maarten

Baltic Sea Day

World Water Day


Climate Change

Ukraine war threatens global heating goals, warns UN chief

António Guterres says countries seeking alternatives to Russian energy may increase use of fossil fuels


UN boss: ‘Madness’ to back fossil fuels as global energy crunch bites

Antonio Guterres says the “naive optimism” of the Glasgow talks is colliding with a failure to deal with climate, as scientists grapple with global heat waves.



Farmers given tax break in return for Nationals’ support for net zero

Farmers that make money selling carbon credits will receive a tax break, a key measure the Nationals say they secured in return for supporting the government’s net zero by 2050 target last October.


UN chief singles out Australia as ‘holdout’ on climate action in ‘striking’ criticism

The United Nations secretary-general has called Australia a “holdout” after Scott Morrison refused to strengthen the nation’s 2030 emissions reduction target.


Retailers welcome government commitments to drastically reduce plastics

Australia’s peak retail body,the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) has welcomed announcements this week by the Federal government around investment and research to solve single use plastics challenges, but renewed calls for national consistency around phasing out plastic packaging to help all parties accelerate the change.

New solar tracking tech promises to cut costs – and ease the land wars

Nextracker’s latest technology allows for optimisation of solar farms on sub-optimal sites, minimising both costs and environmental impacts.


$60m federal recycling investment is welcome help for oceans

Australia’s leading ocean conservation group has welcomed a $60 million funding boost for recycling, describing it as a critical step forward in reducing the plastics polluting the environment.


Healthy Rivers grants put local knowledge and know-how to work

The popular Healthy Rivers grants program is now fully expended having successfully delivered the last of 160 grants to community groups across the Murray-Darling Basin.


Guardian Essential poll: voters mark Morrison government down on flood response

Separate Australian National University longitudinal survey suggests Coalition primary vote slumps to 32.2% with Labor in election-winning position

‘Delivery deficit’ puts net zero at risk

A ‘delivery deficit’ on emissions promises is revealed in a new survey, with more than a third of Australian businesses expected to miss their net zero targets.


Election campaign winds up for battle over offshore wind

Renewable energy is shaping as a key feature of a regional blue collar jobs pitch from both major parties in the upcoming federal election.


Gas, carbon capture ‘critical’ to power prices, renewable energy, minister says

Gas infrastructure and carbon capture and storage technology must be expanded to stop power prices rising and to back up renewable energy in the electricity grid, according to the federal government as it announced a $50 million funding boost to the industry.


Australian government ‘aggravating extinction’ through land-clearing approvals, analysis finds

Campaigners say the pace at which native species habitat is being cleared for mining is accelerating despite warnings of an endangered species crisis


Australia: Extreme heat threatens lives

Australian local, state, and federal governments should act to protect their populations from the foreseeable harms of heatwaves exacerbated by climate change, Human Rights Watch said today in a new photo essay on the struggles of living with extreme heat.


Thousands of hectares approved for projects that made koalas homeless

Destruction of more than 200,000 hectares of threatened species habitat has been approved by the federal government in the past decade, a report shows.


Carbon calculator could create energy-efficient businesses, MLA says

Member for Murrumbidgee Dr Marisa Paterson is calling on the ACT government to develop a carbon-footprint calculator for businesses.


Major parties must act for us on climate

Along with eight other Lismore flood survivors, Dee dumped a pile of destroyed possessions on Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s doorstep at Kirribilli House.

The staggering numbers behind Australia’s green energy opportunity

Australia could slash emissions across the Asia Pacific by switching to zero emissions exports and 2,700 per cent renewables, ANU researchers say.


The big unanswered question as high prices fuel discontent

Charles Wooley

We get most of our fuel from Asia and not Russia, so how come Australians are paying so much more for petrol and diesel?


This must be our last energy crisis: Sunshine switch can start today

Peter Newman

Putin has shown us we can no longer safely rely on imported oil. This is a wake-up call to electrify our transport systems and our government can lead the way.


Why a third of firms will miss their net zero targets [$]


A new report by Microsoft and the University of London exposes some big gaps between Australian firms’ talk on emissions and their actions. 


Sure, we can axe the fuel excise … and do this instead

Jessica Irvine

The real question is not whether we should abolish the fuel excise, but what we should replace it with.


Pork-barrelling off the rails in transport projects [$]

Marion Terrill

The next government should stick to its job: no more roundabouts, carparks or overpasses, just nationally significant infrastructure for the National Land Transport Network.

Morrison rejoices in high fossil fuel prices, but Ukraine coal gesture will last just days

Michael Mazengarb

While the world battles with an energy crisis, the Morrison government is celebrating a boom in fossil fuel prices, and making small donations of coal.

Why virtual power plants are the future of electricity retailing

Gabrielle Kuiper

Australia’s largest electricity retailers once focused on large generators, with profitability tied to “gentailing”, now they are shifting to “VPP-tailing.” 



Victorians return to public transport as virus fades

More Victorians are returning to public transport as the state reports no new COVID-19 deaths for the second day in a row.


Victorian government calls for ‘fair’ commonwealth funding for transport projects

Grattan Institute report finds ‘consistent pattern’ of transport funding going to political battleground states


ExxonMobil fires warning over Victoria’s plan to turn off gas

ExxonMobil warns Victoria’s plan to cut gas usage could derail investments needed to avert higher energy bills and maintain enough supply.


Free public transport push as petrol prices soar

The Andrews government is considering how to ease household budgets after petrol surged to $2.20 a litre, with the Greens pushing for a month of free trams, trains and buses.


Up close with Victoria’s newest fish nursery [$]

Massive Murray cod have been brought into Arcadia fish hatchery to help rear the next generation of river monsters. See how it works and the exclusive videos.


New South Wales

NSW first as critically endangered ‘Goldilocks’ bird released after successful breeding program

In a NSW first, 10 plains-wanderers are released in the state’s south-west.


NSW Planning Minister scraps order to consider flood, fire risks before building

Anthony Roberts has revoked a decision that would have put planning for climate change at the heart of building decisions.


Fears of heavy rains and more flash flooding in hard-hit Northern Rivers region

The fresh concerns come as nine Lismore residents have dumped flood-affected household items outside Kirribilli House and called on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to act on climate change.

“We also need to eat:” Big solar biting into food security, says NSW MP

Independent Member for Wagga Wagga supports local push to keep “solar factories” off productive agricultural land in the region known as the “food bowl” of NSW.



Gladstone is preparing to become a city known for hydrogen power, not fossil fuels

Parts of Queensland are in an energy ‘flux’ at the moment, as fossil fuels are slowly replaced with new renewable projects.


‘The winners are Queenslanders’: $1.8b in ‘liveability’ projects for state’s south-east get the green light

More than 30 projects upgrading the region’s transport and digital network — as well as improving its “liveability” — will be facilitated by an injection of $1.8 billion by all levels of government for the South East Queensland City Deal.


UN’s Great Barrier Reef mission arrives amid access concerns

A United Nations mission has arrived to evaluate the federal government’s efforts to protect the Great Barrier Reef from climate change and other threats.


‘It’s not supposed to be white’: one of the Great Barrier Reef’s healthiest reefs succumbs to bleaching

Widespread bleaching during the cooler temperatures of La Niña has left scientists dreading the damage that could be caused by the next El Niño


Shades of grey: how coral bleaching is affecting fish colours too

Researchers have discovered an unexpected side effect of coral bleaching – the fish community also becomes less colourful.


Adapt, move, or die: repeated coral bleaching leaves wildlife on the Great Barrier Reef with few options

Jodie L. Rummer and Scott F. Heron

To our horror, another mass coral bleaching event may be striking the Great Barrier Reef, with water temperatures reaching up to 3 higher than average in some places. This would be the sixth such event since the late 1990s, and the fourth since 2016.



Precious find in Tasmanian plantation area

A Tasmanian mining company might be sitting on a 6 kilometre stretch of prized rare earth elements in forest plantation land near Deloraine.


Are fuel costs bringing the future of public transport to Tasmania sooner?

You pull open your phone and check your bus is travelling on time, and then reserve a nearby e-bike to ride to your stop. When you get there you park the bike securely and board a bus no one is driving, which then pulls silently away as your phone registers the trip and charges your account.


Month-long trial for free public transport [$]

Public transport could soon be free for Tasmanians with government expected to announce a new trial as petrol prices soar.


‘Rising like castles in the morning mist’

Peter Boyer

In this time of extremes, describing something as special can come out as a cliché. Applied to Huon pine it’s an understatement.


Northern Territory

Commonwealth fronts Supreme Court over alleged Kakadu sacred site disturbance

The federal government faces a criminal charge over allegedly building a walking track near a sensitive part of a sacred site, against the wishes of traditional owners. It’s arguing it can’t be prosecuted.


‘Frankly irresponsible’: Battle brews over gas exploration in Beetaloo Basin

A legal fight is brewing between cattle producers opposed to fracking and a mining company that is looking to explore for gas in the Northern Territory’s Beetaloo Basin.


A Senate inquiry into the gas-rich Beetaloo Basin will sit in Darwin today. Here’s what it means

Politicians, environmentalists, traditional owners and gas company representatives will be in Darwin for a public hearing into the Beetaloo Basin. Here’s what it’s all about.


Western Australia

WA could provide the world with a key mineral in solar panels. But there may be a cost

An increasing number of companies are looking to Western Australia for potential high-grade silica mine locations to meet global demand, but locals fear for the future of pristine national parks.


Woodside’s Scarborough gas project in Greens’ sights

Greens leader Adam Bandt also levelled a challenge at Woodside and the rest of the sector to ‘bring on’ any challenge of the policy.

Fortescue says its “very stretch” 15m tonne green hydrogen targets now very achievable

Fortescue CEO admits 15 million green hydrogen target by 2030 was “very stretch”, but now seems very achievable given developments over last 12 months.



White House summit brings national energy leaders together to forge path to accelerate fusion electricity

Climate and energy experts from national laboratories, universities, private industry, government agencies, and congressional representatives gathered together on March 17 at the first ever White House summit, “Developing a Bold Decadal Vision for Commercial Fusion Energy,” organized by the Office of Science Technology Policy (OSTP) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Cicada wings inspire packaging innovation

Antibacterial properties on the wings of cicadas has inspired scientists to develop innovative new packaging to improve the shelf life of food.


We need to talk about how we talk about natural gas

Canary speaks to journalist Rebecca Leber about how the ubiquitous term downplays the fossil fuel’s climate and pollution impacts.


Vegetable oil emissions study reveals urgent need for greener growing solutions

A new global study has revealed the extent of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by vegetable oil production, highlighting the need for more sustainable growing solutions.


Finding ways to turn down the heat in cities

Rooftop gardens and greenery can help ease some of the severe heat in cities, according to research from climate scientists.


Better use of groundwater could transform Africa, research says

Studies ‘debunk the myth that Africa is running out of water’ but say resource needs to be better managed


Microplastics found deep underground in UK waters

Fears for water quality as swimmers discover invisible microfibres in samples 400 feet underground


Nature Conservation

Sustainable forest use helps tackle climate crisis and achieve SDGs

From drinking a glass of water to building a house, forests are precious resources for people’s lives and are key to solving many global challenges, including the climate crisis and poverty, according to a new report developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in collaboration with the European Forest Institute (EFI).


UN ocean treaty summit collapses as states accused of dragging out talks

Conservationists despair at ‘glacial pace’ of negotiations to protect wildlife and oversee fishing amid high seas’ ‘governance vacuum’


Emerging battles over forests crucial to protect rights, tackle climate crisis

“The forest dies first, we die later,” said Ka’apor chief Itahú as we patrolled the vast Alto Turiaçu Indigenous territory in the Brazilian Amazon, looking for evidence of illegal logging.


New ways to improve urban wetlands

New studies provide valuable insights into removing toxins from polluted waterways and improving filtration at urban wetlands. One study found a wetland plant capable of reducing PFAS in soil and water, and another looked for better urban wetland water flow management during summer.


Invest in natural capital and reap the rewards [$]

James Griffin

More than half of global gross domestic product is dependent on nature, according to the World Economic Forum. But we’re using more of nature than we’re giving back to it.



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