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Off list again with a bit of politicking. Which is more important in the forthcoming election, effective climate policies or a fair dinkum Integrity Commission? We don’t have to choose, there’ll be many candidates who are committed to work on both. It will be important to vote strategically in your electorate to get up a candidate who will do both, so it might be time to give your first preference away from the party you usually support, your second preference is still there.

Post of the Day

In 20 years of studying how ecosystems absorb carbon, here’s why we’re worried about a tipping point of collapse

Caitlin Moore et al

From rainforests to savannas, ecosystems on land absorb almost 30% of the carbon dioxide human activities release into the atmosphere. These ecosystems are critical to stop the planet warming beyond 1.5 this century – but climate change may be weakening their capacity to offset global emissions.


On This Day

March 26


Ecological Observance

Earth Hour 8.30pm


Climate Change

Tree-ring research may help to understand climate change

Armed with the world’s largest collection of tree rings, scientists are looking for clues into climate change.


Financing climate action in India – Priorities and reflections on COP26 by Indian states

2021 was a critical year for global climate diplomacy in decades. In the backdrop of rising incidences of natural calamities and the UNFCCC’s revised NDC synthesis report highlighting the inadequacies of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to achieve Paris Agreement goals


Fridays for Future school climate strikes resume across the world

Hundreds of protests across seven continents in first action since Cop26 climate summit


In 20 years of studying how ecosystems absorb carbon, here’s why we’re worried about a tipping point of collapse

Caitlin Moore et al

From rainforests to savannas, ecosystems on land absorb almost 30% of the carbon dioxide human activities release into the atmosphere. These ecosystems are critical to stop the planet warming beyond 1.5 this century – but climate change may be weakening their capacity to offset global emissions.



‘We’d never touch it if we knew’: Farmer locked in carbon credit scheme backs inquiry into ‘rort’

A grazier locked in a 25-year carbon farming project says allegations Australia’s carbon credit scheme is a rort are a “wake-up call the industry desperately needs”.


‘Scared and anxious’: Floods show urgent need for action on climate change, students say

School students gathered outside Kirribilli House say they have been left scared and devastated by the deadly floods that swept through Australia’s east coast. 


PM dodges climate strike students [$]

Thousands of angry school students descended on Kirribilli House for the School Strike 4 Climate protest, as the PM lectured them from a press conference 11km away.


Hydrogen highway to link Aust east coast

Truckies pinched by high fuel prices can look forward to a hydrogen highway linking three eastern states in a concerted renewables push for the industry.

Clean Energy Regulator defends carbon offset scheme as Labor flags review

The Clean Energy Regulator defends Australia’s carbon offset regime following claims it lacks integrity. Labor commits to review the scheme.

Santos admits Australia’s gas expansion has always been about offshore customers

Santos concedes Australia’s domestic market too small to justify the Morrison government’s gas industry expansion. It’s all about exports.

“Pace is extraordinary:” Advanced inverters take centre stage in roadmap to 100pct renewables

Roadmap put together by CSIRO and AEMO focuses on advanced inverters and new control rooms amongst the many technical needs of a zero emissions grid.


‘Sham’ carbon credits, banks in ACCC’s sights [$]

The regulator will use both competition and consumer laws to go after companies overhyping their green credentials.


When ‘fake coal’ alarm bells rang for EY auditors [$]

A letter to ASIC shows how auditors became concerned about a mining company’s handling of a PwC investigation into allegations of faking coal results.


‘Disappointing’: Carbon offsets’ integrity under attack [$]

Angus Taylor should take seriously claims the Australian carbon trading market is full of dodgy offsets instead of thumping the table, a carbon market expert says


‘Power up for electric or car choice will suffer’ [$]

The selection of cars on offer in Australia will shrink to older, less environmentally friendly models unless electric vehicle charging infrastructure and tax incentives improve


15 years of Earth Hour this Saturday – podcast

The fifteenth annual Earth Hour will be held on Saturday night as the Great Barrier Reef experiences its sixth massive bleaching event.


Taylor’s office spent $1 billion on ‘sham’ carbon projects [$]

Mike Seccombe

Analysis by a former chair of the government’s carbon pricing integrity committee shows almost all the money spent on emissions reduction has gone to projects that did not contribute to reductions.

How a cash Cannon aimed at coal proves the economics of renewables

Josh Martin

Mike Cannon-Brookes and Brookfield crunched the numbers on shuttering AGL’s coal plants – the move was designed to make money as much as to make a difference.


Anti-progress mob still wants all the benefits it provides [$]

Vikki Campion

The anti-agriculture, anti-mining, anti-dams philosophy seems to come from those who enjoy eating our good food in urban cafes and keeping their hot showers and lights on.


Kids should be kids, not anxious ecowarriors [$]

Clare Rowe

Exposing children to adult concerns doesn’t equip them for the future – it paralyses them.


Sad new reality for Australia’s shouty politics [$]

Steve Price

A small group of activists is seizing on the misery of thousands to try to make a loony political point. Welcome to Australia’s shameful new reality.


Inquiry needed into carbon market as doubts raised about climate scheme

Canberra Times editorial

The Coalition was already struggling to defend its climate policies before a whistleblower issued them a serious blow on Wednesday.


The carbon offsets conundrum

Amalyah Hart

As a whistle-blower exposes flaws in Australia’s carbon offsetting schemes it’s worth asking the question: can offsetting be done right?



Chill wind: Major renewable energy investor says wind farm ruling to have ‘disastrous’ effect

One of Australia’s biggest renewable energy investors says a court’s decision to uphold complaints against a Victorian wind farm will have “serious ramifications” for the transition from fossil fuels.


Landmark wind farm noise ruling a ‘momentous victory’ for rural communities

A court decision ordering the operators of the Bald Hills Wind Farm to stop emitting noise at night is a “victory” for small rural communities, a lawyer says.


Moreland grant to CERES bears fruit for urban gardeners

CERES has revealed a range of upgrades to its community garden that will enable the organisation to reach more community members and promote sustainability, thanks in part to a $40,000 grant from Moreland City Council.


New South Wales

River and waterways update – do not use

As a result of the recent major flood event at the Wilson’s River, Lismore City Council is asking our community not to undertake any recreational activities in our waterways due to sewerage discharge from our treatment plants.

NSW “agri-solar” farm and potential 600MWh battery gets kick-along from CEFC

CEFC backs a potential 300MW solar and 600MWh big battery project being developed by a group of local farmers in Bungendore, NSW.


Future of popular NSW walking track through sacred site in doubt

Wollumbin track reopening delayed after floods, while hikers asked to reconsider climb out of respect for Indigenous sacred place


Climate protest shuts down Port Botany for third time in a day after man climbs crane

Climate activist group Blockade Australia shut down operations at Port Botany three times on Friday, marking its fourth consecutive day of climate inaction protests in Sydney.


Port Botany activist claims ‘exploitation’ at centre of Port Botany protests [$]

A 25-year-old Blockade Australia protester has livestreamed her environmental message on social media while suspended over a freight line in…



CSIRO scientists develop biocontrol strategy to tackle invasive species

CSIRO scientists are coming to the rescue of baby penguins this week with a biocontrol agent produced in Canberra on its way to Victoria to save a threatened colony.


Waste collection set to switch to fortnightly with organic service rollout

City Services Minister Chris Steel has indicated the ACT will switch to fortnightly garbage collections when an organic-waste service is rolled out across the territory.



Great Barrier Reef authority confirms ‘mass bleaching’ event as UN monitoring mission underway

Aerial surveys detected coral bleaching at multiple reefs across a large area of the system, “confirming a mass bleaching event, the fourth since 2016,” the authority said on Friday.


Latest Great Barrier Reef mass bleaching puts climate pressure on Morrison government

The latest mass bleaching event on the Great Barrier Reef comes at an embarrassing time for the Morrison government.


Final days for free trips to the dump as flood clean-up pushed ahead

Free trips for householders to Brisbane dumps to get rid of flood waste will finish after this weekend.


‘Pie in the sky’: Coalition’s $6bn dams pitch puts politics before process

Ben Smee

Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce are touting themselves as nation-builders to Queensland marginal seats that swung its way last election


The worst has happened to the Great Barrier Reef – again – and my heart is breaking

Lesley Hughes

Though the news of this latest disastrous bleaching event is shocking, we shouldn’t be surprised.


Northern Territory

Think the Pilbara’s hot now? Consider this – and it’s 20 years  away

Temperatures in the Pilbara are projected to increase by 1.8 degrees by 2041-60 under a middle of the road scenario. The area is also expected to have an extra 27 above-35 degree days.



Biden administration drafting order to invoke Defense Production Act for green energy storage technology

A draft of the executive order obtained by The Intercept would use the Defense Production Act to ramp up mineral production for electric car batteries.


Congress blowing chance to reform nuclear weapons policy

The national security establishment and its corporate allies dominate Congress’s new nuclear weapons commission.


How Putin’s war is fast changing our energy future

Seven emerging realities that will alter our lives as global connections fray.


Convenience of a “smart home” draws near

Reality is starting to catch up to the hype.


In Indonesia’s Spice Islands, some farmers are going back to organic

Local authorities are supporting organic farming initiatives and encouraging more farmers to adopt the method.


US plan to provide 15bn cubic meters of natural gas to EU alarms climate groups

The deal is intended to decrease reliance on Russia but will entrench reliance on fossil fuels, environmentalists say


Alarm bells are ringing as China falls back in love with coal

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Xi Jinping’s return to the dirty fuel may lead to lower energy bills but it is cause for concern – it may push us over the environmental brink no matter what the rest of us do.


Nature Conservation

Is clear-cutting U.S. forests good for wildlife?

Critics say the idea that forests should be logged to keep them young so wildlife can thrive is based on flawed science.


Imagine building a coral reef with Lego blocks — this is what it’s like 

Human hands have brought our oceans to a crisis point, but these same hands have the power to change that bit-by-bit… with a little bit of help from 3D printing.


‘Smart patrols’: The new hope for Malaysia’s last tigers

Intensive poaching has slashed Malaysia’s tiger population to near extinction. Can a new program which turns locals into wildlife patrollers save the national emblem?



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