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The loss of Antarctic and Greenland ice is now six times greater than it was in the 1990s. We read about the collapse of an ice shelf here, the disappearance of a glacier there but it is when these observations are aggregated that the problem becomes clear. Then there’re fires, floods and pestilence. You’d think an intelligent and competent government would do something, wouldn’t you.

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Tens of billions of dollars’ worth of property facing climate and erosion risk, analysis shows

Analysis finds climate change is threatening coastal homes, property values and the ability for buyers to secure bank loans and insurance.


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March 29


Climate Change

Scientists caught off guard by massive ice shelf collapse in ‘coldest, driest’ part of Antarctica

A huge ice shelf has collapsed in Antarctica, coinciding with a period of intense and unseasonal heat which may have been “the straw that broke the camel’s back”.


Moving away from coal ‘will not be easy’ but it is essential for our common future, UN deputy chief says

The United Nations Deputy Secretary-General on Monday called on countries in Asia and the Pacific to speed up the shift from fossil fuels to new, low-carbon development models, in a just and inclusive way.


MENA Climate Week opens with aim to accelerate climate action

The first-ever Middle East and North Africa Climate Week, MENACW 2022, opened today with a strong call to accelerate implementation of the Paris Agreement. MENACW 2022 is being held through 31 March and is hosted by the Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in collaboration with the UN and other multilateral agencies.


Solar energy explains fast yearly retreat of Antarctica’s sea ice

Sea ice around Antarctica retreats more quickly than it advances, an asymmetry that has been a puzzle. New analysis shows that the Southern Hemisphere is following simple rules of physics, as peak midsummer sun causes rapid changes. In this respect, it seems, it’s Arctic sea ice that is more mysterious.


Insurers could have been climate heroes. Instead, they have risked a crisis to dwarf 2008

Eugene Linden

Complex agreements have done little to reduce emissions in the last 30 years, but a universal tariff could avert catastrophe


Indigenous peoples across the globe are uniquely equipped to deal with the climate crisis – so why are we being left out of these conversations?

Janine Mohamed et al

The urgency of tackling climate change is even greater for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and other First Nation peoples across the globe. First Nations people will be disproportionately affected and are already experiencing existential threats from climate change.



Tens of billions of dollars’ worth of property facing climate and erosion risk, analysis shows

Analysis finds climate change is threatening coastal homes, property values and the ability for buyers to secure bank loans and insurance.

Big carbon traders dig in to defend Australia’s troubled carbon market

Australia’s biggest carbon traders defend the troubled Emissions Reduction Fund, as doubts raised around Australia’s ability to achieve emissions targets.

ERF changes means taxpayers will have to fork out to meet even modest emissions targets

ERF changes mean government could be up to 112 million tonnes of CO2-e behind on its emissions reduction task, facing further financial and climate risk.

Senate again blocks Angus Taylor’s bid to redirect ARENA funds to CCS projects

The senate delivers a pre-election blow to Angus Taylor, cancelling out controversial ARENA regulations for a second time.

“Perverse:” Australian fossil fuel subsidies will top $22,000 a minute this year

Australian fossil fuel subsidies will top $11.6 billion this financial year, pushed higher by the Morrison government’s ‘gas led recovery’.

Fact check: Labor’s dam figures not quite watertight

Two coalition funding commitments for major dam projects have sparked criticism from Labor that the government has a poor record of delivering on such pledges.


Greenpeace dumps giant inflatable coal at AGL HQ as new research reveals over half of Aussies would switch off dirty electricity

Greenpeace Australia Pacific today fronted up at Australia’s biggest climate polluter, AGL’s HQ with a giant inflatable coal to send the message that their climate pollution is too big to hide, as new research shows more than half of Australians would switch off a large polluting electricity provider.


South-east Australia risks temporary gas shortages by 2023 winter, energy review warns

Reduced production in Bass Strait and pipeline capacity limits could lead to shortfall during extreme weather, energy market operator says


Analysis reveals Morrison government funnelling billions into must-win marginal seats

Just 15% of Coalition’s $16bn spending spree has been endorsed by Infrastructure Australia


‘Bigger than Fukushima’: Russia’s war to leave lasting impact on LNG

War in Ukraine threatens to leave a bigger long-term impact on the market for Australia’s gas exports than Japan’s 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.


Fossil fuel subsidies in Australia: Federal and state government assistance to fossil fuel producers and major users in 2021-22

The Australia Institute

As major flooding, exacerbated by climate change, hits eastern Australia and global calls to end fossil fuel subsidies grow louder, Australian governments continue to subsidise fossil fuel producers and major fossil fuel consumers.


5 maps that show why free public transport benefits the affluent most

Jago Dodson and Tiebei (Terry) Li

As high global oil prices, spurred by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, drive up the price of fuel and many other things too, there’s pressure on Australian politicians to offer some relief.


Talking nuclear and ‘the smoke and mirrors game of shadows’

Noel Wauchope

Noel Wauchope tests the ‘nuclear’ facts in an interview between former CEO of Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Dr Adi Paterson, and Sky News host Chris Kenny.


‘Destructive action’ on climate only preaches to the converted

Rebecca Huntley

We should be angry about climate change inaction. But our protests should be designed to engage those who don’t share our anger, not those who do.


Right on cue, politicians’ worrying addiction on show

Marion Terrill

Yet again, the government is committing to spending big bucks before establishing whether these are good projects and now is the right time to build them.


Our population is expected to double in 80 years. We asked Australians where they want all these people to live

Julian Bolleter and Robert Freestone

Australia’s population is projected to grow to over 50 million people by 2101. This will have enormous implications for the country’s long-term infrastructure planning and prized livability, particularly in the capital cities where most growth is occurring.


Roadside trees stitch the ecosystems of our nation together. Here’s why they’re in danger

Gregory Moore

You may know of marvellous tree-lined roads that lead into your favourite rural and regional towns. Sometimes they have an arched, church-like canopy, while others have narrow ribbons of remnant vegetation.


Koala survival – cartoon

Cathy Wilcox



‘Pretty intense’: Why is it so smoky in Melbourne today?

Residents wake to the smell of smoke across much of the city and southern regions as the state’s chief fire officer takes to radio to explain why.


EPA air quality rating upgraded to ‘fair’ after earlier warning

Melburnians and residents in central Victoria will no longer need to keep their windows and doors closed on Tuesday.


Creating an environmentally sustainable Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula Shire is committed to delivering our Climate Emergency response through creating an environmentally sustainable Mornington Peninsula.


What Victoria wants and needs from Tuesday’s federal budget

Josh Gordon

Intermodal transport hubs might be important, but they’re not going to get you to work much faster.


New South Wales
Lismore school student criticises PM for poor flood response

Thirteen-year-old Lismore school student Ella O’Dwyer-Oshlack gave a powerful speech criticising the PM for climate denialism at the School Strike 4 Climate.

Epuron bumps NSW wind farm up to 600MW in dam land deal

Plans for a 400MW wind farm in NSW central west have been jacked up to 600MW-plus after WaterNSW opted in on the project.


$1 billion pledge for faster rail line between Sydney and Newcastle in federal budget

The Prime Minister says NSW infrastructure improvements that will be part of Tuesday’s federal budget will get people home “sooner and safer”. 


Treasurer not keen on his Extinction Rebellion endorsement [$]

NSW Treasurer Matt Kean has been forced to condemn Extinction Rebellion after the protest group gave him their tick of approval in a secret strategy meeting.


How north shore Lib is lowering his carbon footprint [$]

An north shore Liberal MP is encouraging the community to take steps to reduce their carbon footprint, as climate change shapes up to be a major battleground in the upcoming federal election.


Coalition is taking us for fools with car park pledge


The NSW Liberal government cannot yet finish promised rail projects because of various shortages and blow-outs, but the Coalition is promising a major rail network in NSW.



Are they letting water out of the dams? Yes, but it’s not expected to cause flooding

Water has been released from two of the region’s largest dams twice this month. However, Seqwater says that, this time, releases will not affect flood levels. 


Gummie shelter: Hopes for Jagger to be the hero his species needs

It’s hoped two-year-old specially bred koala Jagger will herald a new type of conservation that could help save his species.


Queensland’s proposed coal mines would double emissions, report suggests

Such an increase would make the state’s target of reducing emissions by 30 per cent of 2005 levels by 2030 “effectively impossible”, the report states.


Palaszczuk’s political problem: Can Queensland still be a coal state?

John McCarthy

The Palaszczuk Government’s coal dilemma is growing with claims from an environmental group that CO2 emissions would double if all the mines in the planning stage were granted approval.


South Australia

Adelaide Zoo invokes Ukraine war in spat over palm oil in ice cream

Adelaide Zoo’s decision to award its ice cream supply contract to Peters, rather than South Australian company Golden North, has prompted a ripple of backlash, but the zoo is defending its tender process.



Bowser pain fuels a transport revolution in Tasmania

Eye-watering petrol prices are presenting yet another cost of living pressure for Tasmanians; so perhaps it should be no surprise that motorists are turning their backs on cars. 


Northern Territory

Fracking flashpoint grows as Traditional Owners, industry meet in Darwin

Traditional Owners have vowed to stand strong against fracking in the NT’s Beetaloo Basin as concerns grow over government grants and consent from custodians.


Western Australia

Record fuel prices didn’t make this farmer switch to electric, saving his lambs did

Every year, sheep farmer Ian Kelly worries about his lambs dying to miscarriage and mismothering. Checking the flock every day on a loud petrol motorcycle was not helping.

Pilot Energy puts blue hydrogen before green with “first-to-market” CCS technology

Pilot Energy says feasibility studies confirms “significant opportunity” to develop blue hydrogen, with green hydrogen relegated to second place.


Guardians of Burrup rock art split over consultation and Woodside cash

The head of the Indigenous body charged with caring for World Heritage-nominated rock art in WA’s Pilbara has denied claims his organisation is compromised by accepting funds from Woodside.


WA coal miner losing a $1.3m a week charged for not disclosing its books

One-sixth of Perth’s power comes from a heavily indebted Collie coal mine with an uncertain financial future.



New fusion energy recruitment framework to boost economy and improve diversity

The UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) will fill over 100 roles worth £9.5 million to the economy in support of its major fusion energy programmes over the next four years.


Unpacking hybrids: here’s what you need to know

What exactly does ‘hybrid’ mean these days? Here’s the latest on the ongoing automotive evolution.


Push for new UK nuclear plants lacks facility for toxic waste, say experts

UK only in early stages of finding permanent site for underground storage of hazardous spent fuel


New type of ultraviolet light makes indoor air as safe as outdoors

Using far-UVC light in places where people gather indoors could help prevent the next pandemic


Could the next big outbreak be lurking in the water? Pharma pollution blamed for breeding superbugs

Scientists fear antimicrobial residues from factories in India have the potential to spark a new health crisis with drug-resistant bacteria.


More vehicles, more trouble for Istanbul plagued by traffic

Istanbul’s traffic woes persist as more vehicles are bought and registered in the city, heightening the risk of serious pollution and worsening traffic snarls.


Can our climate survive Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is hot – and it’s heating up the planet, too. Making bitcoin uses enormous amounts of power.


Russians have left Chernobyl workers’ town, mayor says

The mayor of the town where Chernobyl workers live said on Monday that Russian forces had left after surveying the defunct nuclear plant.


Carbon is powerful, with boundless capacity. We must respect and understand it – not abuse it

Rebecca Huntley

In a new documentary, Sarah Snook voices the element as it tells its own story – making us fall in love with carbon before showing the damage it can wreak


Russia’s murderous regime is propped up by oil and gas – Australia and the world must switch

Ketan Joshi

The atrocities against Ukraine have to be stopped. Dismantling and replacing the fossil fuel system that funds the war is a good place to start


Out in the cold: The race is on to solve the Russian gas puzzle

Stephen Bartholomeusz

If Europe can wean itself off Russia gas it would reshape the global energy market and market for LNG in particular. It’s easier said than done.


Nature Conservation

Caribou herd rebounds as Indigenous stewards lead conservation efforts

Researcher says collaborative recovery moves Klinse-Za caribou from brink of extinction


The parable of the world’s largest bee

The rediscovery of Wallace’s giant bee uncovers disheartening truths about the tenuous fate of hidden insect species.



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