Limits to Growth – or endless economic growth? There’s an oxymoron here.

The fallacy of endless economic growth is a must-read article, well worth the perseverance. The author examines The Limits to Growth for the lessons it contains for economists and everyone else.. It was on the money then and its largely on the money now. The ideas it contains can be found in a wider social and political context in the excellent SBS-screened documentary series All watched over by machines of loving grace. Check it via Google.

Deciding for the coast: a guide for effective decision making

Adapting to climate change is a fraught area when what we are adapting to is so uncerntain. Councils and other land managers have to make decisions now within this context of uncertaintly. SECCCA teamed with Marsden Jacob Associates to develop a guide for decision-making that gave a level of confidence in anticipating and responding to climate impacts. This paper sets out the ideas in Deciding for the coast, a guide for decition making.

How can you win the Liveability Trifecta? Win the Energy Efficiency Trifecta – that’s how.

In Australia’s increasingly variable climate, our reliance on energy for comfort, health and well-being is pretty near complete. If you can’t afford to modify your domestic environment, what can you do? Well, modify your domestic enviornment as there are things that you can do that don’t cost much money. We did a project at SECCCA to investigate this.