Overcoming tragedy and rethinking for the environment

Humans face environmental challenges as never before, in many cases through our own deliberate actions. We didn’t intend this to be the result however. The environmental crises we now face stem fundamentally, I argue, from the way we perceive the environment. We act individually rather than collectively, we simply do not understand that environments can different and so call for different perceptions and experiences and we look for simplistic responses. We must change the ways we think about our environment, away from being exploitative, hostile and reductionist, as a prerequisite to changing the way we interact with our environment.

Educating students for effective decision making

Science isn’t what it used to be. To turn out students who understand how their world works and who can make decisions for the world to work for all, a broader view of science teaching is needed. Some aspects of this broader view are discussed and some implications for the way science teachers work are presented.