Growing up in Shepp East

Shepp East General Store It’s not so much the layout of the shop that looms large in my mind, but how we operated (or not) within it. The Shepp East …

Geoff Lemon’s very direct and highly readable argument for the carbon tax that should have been

Geoff Lemon, a commentator on sport and culture, writes in an extremely forthright fashion, uses liberal doses of profanity to whack you between the eyes(?) with his arguments and is always worth reading. His argument here is as clear an argument for a carbon tax as you’ll read. Check his blog at Heathen Scripture ‘the Heathen Scripture you have when you’re not having a Heathen Scripture’ which carries articles on the broadest range of topical social issues with an approach, including the most creative use of language, that you won’t find elsewhere. You will blush a bit as you read, however.