In the News Jun 30

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Daily Links Jun 29

If we’re talking honestly about nuclear, we have to address safe waste storage for millennia. It’s a false choice, nuclear or climate change. Deal with climate change with renewables!

Daily Links Jun 28

We lost a fearless advocate for science and health when we lost Tony McMichael, author of ‘How climate change has plagued the health of nations for centuries’. With Jared Diamond’s book ‘Collapse’ regarding the ecological causes behind the demise of many civilisations over the centuries, here’s a clue to the timelines we need to think across.

Daily Links Jun 27

“Most Australians want renewables to be primary source”. They want marriage equality and dying with dignity options too. The LNP’s purging of moderates, starting under Howard, and their preselection processes dominated by the hard right have put paid to responsive government.

Daily Links Jun 23

‘Householders to be offered cash to turn off … ‘ and may be we’ll realise extravagance and consumerism applies to energy too. It’s about time we had a big focus on demand rather just hyperventilate about supply.

Daily Links Jun 22

Re US grounding of air-flights due to extreme heat, I recall a discussion a few years ago about lengthening Brisbane airport runways so planes could achieve the higher takeoff speeds needed in hotter so thinner air. A concept map of climate change impacts needs a very big white-board, yet still the flat-earthers in the LNP prevail.

Daily Links Jun 21

It’s not just the climate change security threat that has been underestimated. The stupidity of the LNP has been very seriously underestimated.

Daily Links Jun 20

Concertante Fierravanti-Wells took a while to get onto something most of us have known for a long time, the Mad Monk has no credibility. The tragedy is what he has done to our country.

Daily Links Jun 19

Tim Blair, where would we be without your exaggeration, nonsense and outright stupidity? Invisible death vapour indeed, though if you were in a room with just that it would indeed be just that.