Daily Links Nov 30

APRA quizzing companies about their approach to climate risk suggests that we are getting somewhere. The ‘greenwashers’ referred to yesterday need to reconsider their backsliding.

Daily Links Nov 29

There are too many examples of corporations retreating on climate promises for us to put faith in the market alone to fix the problem. But they have been quite successful in resisting regulation, aided and abetted by neoliberalist governments. We must maintain vigilance, in our actions as consumers and electors, and in theirs.

Daily Links Nov 28

It’s not just Brisbane suburbs going green, ‘Just call me Dan’ will have a big problem next November in the Victorian election. Just how smart is the ALP?

Daily Links Nov 27

The proposal for election advocacy restrictions shows a conservative coalition in selective and punitive mode. Do they plan for restrictions on advocacy by the Minerals Council of Australia or the Institute for Public Affairs? Not on your nellie! Your electorate MP needs to know what you think.

Daily Links Nov 26

Top Post Lacking vision and foresight Charles Wooley I agree with the growing number of local people around the world who want tourists to “stay home”. http://www.themercury.com.au/news/opinion/tasweekend-lacking-vision-and-foresight/news-story/1ab200dd182769a56ce418d803f4ffdf Today’s Celebration Algeria …

Daily links?

Hmmm, it appears that there’s a bit of dissatisfaction with the NEG that means that it mightn’t get the nod that our ambitious Minister is seeking. And by the way, …

Daily Links Nov 21

The climate action ‘explosion’ in the coming decade is, according to Christiana Figueres, ‘unstoppable, irreversible and .. exponential’. We need to remind our politicians that we cannot afford to miss out. When did you last write to Josh?