Daily Links Sep 27

You have to be concerned when the Gnats claim a ‘common-sense’ approach to distributing Murray Darling water. It only makes sense for their self-interest and they are exceedingly common, bordering on vulgar, in pursuit of as much as they can get. Further, if the Drought Envoy is involved, expect stuff-ups.I’m off to the high Himalaya and over the Hindu Kush for 3 weeks, Simon Darwent will forward Maelor. Thanks in advance, Simon.

Daily Links Sep 25

Minister Melissa Price is attacking Kristine Kenneally over the Great Barrier Reef Foundation windfall, calling it a ‘ witch hunt’. We are talking about nearly a half billion dollars here and there was no process. Minister Price should note that she is Minister FOR the Environment and scarce environment dollars must be carefully managed to go as far as possible in environmental protection.

Daily Links Sep 24

Love means not making our neighbours choke on our exhaust, nor pouring so much greenhouse gas into the atmosphere that we fry the neighbours. Could someone tell the Happy Clapper that we need a climate policy that limits emissions?

Daily Links Sep 23

While ocean clean-ups are important to remove plastics from the environment, of much more importance is not putting plastics into the environment in the first place. This is very much a case of prevention being better than cure – reducing materials and energy in plastics production, in unnecessary use of plastics and in thoughtless disposal if plastics waste is unavoidable. The packaging industry likes to view this as a litter issue though.

Daily Links Sep 22

The Member for Warringah once said a bit of warming would be a good thing. This article ‘Closing eyes to climate change won’t stop warming’ gives many examples of it being not so good.

Daily Links Sep 21

I understand the furious rantings of Brenda, the Civil Disobedience Penguin. She has the issues nailed, including the extent of Rupert’s influence.

Daily Links Sep 20

There’s a lot to like in biomimicry. We’ve had flexible solar cells for millions of years. We call them leaves. With market certainty, we can afford the R and D to manufacture ‘leaves’ of our own.

Daily Links Sep 19

NGOs everywhere can only look on in utter dismay at the Great Barrier Reef Foundation receiving a lump-sum grant of $440 million and having more than $7mill to spend on admin in this financial year. They have 6 full-time staff, for goodness sakes! Where is the business case, risk plan, milestone reporting requirements etc, etc, etc? I suppose 7mill might deliver these, but in this case the money came first. Oh to have friends in high places.

Daily Links Sep 18

Wind and solar lead to ‘deindustrialisation’ and emissions reduction targets are ‘a wrecking ball though the economy’, says the Energy Minister Angus Taylor. Just reflect on that for a moment, Energy Minister, the person responsible for Australia’s energy policy in the second half of 2018. I reflected and I’m angry!