Daily Links Feb 28

Our (I had no say) Deputy P M elevates his regard for Dorothea Mackellar’s poetry above the conclusions of climate scientists. We do not need more anti-wind climate change denying politicians leading us backwards.

Daily Links Feb 27

Water is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the environment. If there’s some available for the economy in whichever format we create it, it is available as a resource. The Gnats see it only as a resource, as Weatherill says, take water from them!

Daily Links Feb 26

The ERF has been, against the claims of the then Abbott Government and the soon-to-be beneficiaries, a $2.55 billion boondoggle. It served its political purpose, I suppose.

Daily Links Feb 24

Top Post Doubts raised over Australia’s plan to release herpes to wipe out carp An Australian plan to kill invasive carp by releasing a virus into waterways has come under …

Daily Links Feb 23

David Leyonhjelm, Werribee and Hoopers Crossing, hardly in the top ten Melbourne suburbs for affluence, are in Australia’s top ten suburbs for solar panel installation. Now, what’s your argument again?

Daily Links Feb 22

While SA Labour conducts it’s ‘rash energy experiment’ says the Oz (who’d have guessed that they’d run this line, quoting approvingly Ex-IPA shill Alan Moran), REneweconomy describes Weatherill’s vision thing on renewables and storage. To borrow from those halcyon days, ‘One side’s right, one side’s wrong, I’m pretty clear where I belong”!

Daily Links Feb 21

Checking sources should be as simple as ABC, or in this case as simple as I P A. We are indeed fortunate to have someone as ‘free of bias and agenda’ as biologist Jennifer Marohasy discovering what all of the world’s climate scientists cannot.

Daily Links Feb 20

Turbulent times are here now for air travel, as this article suggests. I recall being told around 10 years ago that the extension of the runway at Brisbane Airport was for takeoffs in the warmer and so thinner air.

Daily Links Feb 19

Victoria’s greenhouse alliances are also involved in putting solar panels on rental properties. Renewables are filling in the dots, why would anyone support increasing mining/exporting/using fossil fuels?