Daily Links Jan 31

When it all seems too much, I resort to kicking the cat. An outdoor cat does damage your environmental credibility. It damages birds and lizards more.

Daily Links Jan 30

Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows. If something prompts the IPA to join with GetUp! We should be very concerned, no – very, very concerned; in fact, we ought to be scared.

Daily Links Jan 29

Local government has been involved in climate change response for twenty plus years now, at a level of involvement we only wish the national government would emulate. And why are they involved? As the article in The Examiner says, it is the level of government closest to community and the short feedback loop between governors and governed means that they are acutely aware of their community needs.

Liberty Links Jan 28

Top Post Indifference to the environment in Bangladesh It is sad but not surprising news that the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) 2018 has ranked Bangladesh as the second worst country …

Daily Links Jan 27

Top Post In 2017, the oceans were by far the hottest ever recorded The second-hottest year recorded at Earth’s surface was the hottest in its oceans https://www.theguardian.com/environment/climate-consensus-97-per-cent/2018/jan/26/in-2017-the-oceans-were-by-far-the-hottest-ever-recorded Today’s Celebration Feast …

Daily Links Jan 26

When big asset managers say that we have to change capitalism to beat climate change we are heading in the right direction. It is a case of ‘when all is said and done, there’ll be more said than done’ but at least saying it is a start.

Daily Links Jan 25

Top Post Want healthier babies? Shut down coal plants Babies born near an active coal plant in China had shorter telomeres—sections of DNA that act as caps on the ends …

Daily LInks Jan 24

Every time some engineer with a few million tonnes of sulphur proposes turning the earth into an immense experiment in climate control we need to be concerned.

Daily Links Jan 23

Gupta’s EV plans in SA trump Adani’s mine plans in Qld for innovation and jobs. What an exciting time to be a South Australian.