Daily Links Nov 17

In the fight between loggers and conservationists, we know who is winning. If the Regional Forest Agreements are consistent with national environment laws, then the laws must be changed. I took this photo and it shows very clearly the purpose of forests.

Daily Links Nov 16

Monbiot is as incisive as ever. ‘ .. we cannot save ourselves without contesting oligarchic control’ as ‘the short-term interests of the elite are radically different to the long-term interests of society’. He refers to the Extinction Rebellion and the importance of joining it.

Daily Links Nov 15

Criticising Angus Taylor and hid political philosophy contortions is like shooting fish in a barrel – and the guy is a Rhodes Scholar. Richard Dennis, as always, skewers his contradictions.

Daily Links Nov 14

The paywalls that many in the msm are erecting (and we can understand why they do it, they need to pay for their journalism and we need to support our chosen outlets) pose problems for services such as Maelor’s. A very good article from Lister Peter Boyer, a journo from Tasmania who frequently appears in The Hobart Mercury, is trapped behind their paywall. He posts each article on his websitesouthwind.com.au/ Have a look at his website for yesterday’s article ‘The words they dare not speak’, in which he discusses the disjunct between the community preparedness for climate response and the reticence of our leaders to lead.You might want to include the website in your Favourites as there’s terrific material there.

Daily Links Nov 13

Hold on, are you saying that Alice Springs’ grid-scale battery, charged up by solar power, will provide dispatchable power when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow? Tony and Angus and Scott said only coal and gas can do that. This means that the three weren’t telling the truth.

Daily Links Nov 12

Perhaps the Happy Clapper might add ‘no point in flogging a dead horse’ to his repertoire of Aussie vernacular whenever he talks about Adani. See the Aurizon article and their wariness regarding the mines in the Galilee Basin. The whole idea should just be allowed to die. The Newspoll today might indicate that the Clapper is the dead horse.

Daily Links Nov 11

‘.. I don’t know if the world is going to be much fun a few decades from now when it starts getting hot’. Cape Town’s Day Zero was narrowly avoided for now, but NSW and Qld farmers are looking at their Day Zero now. You’d reckon there’d be some support for sensible responses or you can forget about fun, just try surviving.

Daily Links Nov 10

Jonathon Salk, I want to believe and I appreciate that the time scales over which we have been working haven’t been helpful, but how many more Trumps and Bolsonaros can the earth endure before enlightenment arrives?

Daily Links Nov 9

Global wierding describes the position of the neocon commentators found on Sky after dark and elsewhere. Climate change is as certain as gravity. Let’s see Andrew Bolt, Rowan Dean et al jump out of an aeroplane without a parachute.

Daily Links Nov 8

Minister rules out emissions target policy, claiming ‘The policy is to reach the target and we will reach the target. It is that simple’.Well no, it is not simple, and only a simpleton would claim it is. The evidence regarding our meeting the target, Angus, says we won’t.