Daily Links Jan 16

When all else is gloom, go birdwatching. I know I did and the Tufted duck is a little beauty, even if it is a little bewildered to be where it is.https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jan/15/australias-first-tufted-duck-sighting-creates-a-mega-twitch-at-sewage-pond#img-1

Daily Links Jan 15

If you are looking for a sensible commentator on energy policy in general and renewable energy in particular, look no further than UTS researcher Nicky Ison. She has strategy and detail nailed.https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jan/14/australia-could-hit-100-renewables-much-sooner-than-most-people-think

Daily Links Jan 13

Hey everyone, it’s Skeptics Day though I do think that we need Skeptics Year or perhaps everyone having a Skeptics’s Lifetime. Cow horn manure, pyramid energy and psychic healing are all too common while healthy skepticism is becoming all too rare.

Daily Links Jan 11

The hard-bitten laconic farmer triumphing over all that nature throws at him (but hardly her) might be the myth, but ‘Cultivating a nation’ sets how we’ve been slipped a mickey, been sold a pup and been taken for a ride.

Daily Links Jan 10

Oliver Yates, ex CEO of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, is an active member of the Liberal Party. He has been scathing of LNP policy regarding climate change. In this article he again flays them and particularly the Queen of the Dark Arts, Peta Credlin, for standing in the way on progress. He is genuinely liberal and he can turn a phrase – have a look.

Daily Links Jan 9

If we learn to love mudflats it won’t be just the Eastern curlew, that miracle of nature, that benefits. It will be all of the marine life that is sustained by mudflats, that start off the food chains that give us much of the seafood that we eat.

Daily Links Jan 8

Fish kills in the Murray Darling are yet another consequence of very poor landscape management. Why do we have such thirsty crops as cotton? How can we have a political system so beholden to large donors who get the best policy money can buy? What will the S A Royal Commission into the Murray Darling find?

Daily Links Jan 7

It’s not just iconic NSW beaches being loved to death. With Melbourne’s current population at nearly 5 mill, we are already often at ‘peak’ beach. How can we manage numbers (including saying beach full, turn back) when we’re at 8 mill? Redefine Australian birthright?

Daily Links Jan 6

It seems that with the Opal building planning failure, it’s not the colour of the tape that is the issue (red tape, green tape, whatever), it’s that it exists that is the important issue. Where is an example of self-regulation that works? Anyone?

Daily Links Jan 5

The future we have in store, Louise Freckelton, is one we’re not going like. I think your response: “I’m angry because being anything other than angry feels like being complicit”, is entirely appropriate. You could start in the bush be turning your back on the deniers in the LNP, you leave out the NP bit and in the cities we’ll do the same with the L bit.