Daily Links Mar 5

You’d think that a free-market government would choose the best policy regime to allow the market to choose the most efficient means to deliver on policy objectives. But, when you’ve won power by many questionable means, not least of which was the great big TOE, the Tax On Everything, you’re probably a bit hamstrung and your donors will see that that remains the case. So no carbon tax from this lot, folks.https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2021/03/210304125337.htm

Daily Links Mar 4

Look on this and weep. Our generation, and the one before, has perpetrated many acts of environmental vandalism. Here’s the beauty of Lake Pedder before it was drowned. Now there’re plans for a cable car up Kunyani (Mt Wellington, to some) and six high-end ‘glamping’ cabins on the South West Track in Tasmania’s wilderness. We walked it two years ago and for three days didn’t see another person. We’re fast losing places that inspire a sense of awe and wonder – and we’re becoming the poorer for it.https://www.tasmaniantimes.com/2021/03/tas-that-was-lake-pedder-1971/

Daily Links Mar 3

Is there no end to this rorting? Pork Barilaro and the Jamland jam jar show the dangers of devolving environmental regulation away from national scrutiny. Strengthening the EPBC Act, as …

Daily Links Mar 2

Peter Boyer points out that reductionist views towards nature diminish all who hold them.  http://southwind.com.au/2021/03/02/whats-important-and-what-isnt/ From: Maelor Himbury <maelor@melbpc.org.au>Date: 2 March 2021 at 8:48:09 am AEDTTo: undisclosed-recipients:;Subject: Daily Links Mar …

Daily Links Feb 28

Looks like cake stalls and sausage sizzles are the lot of not-for-profits in Tasmania for years to come, yet there is an alternative to brokers in the middle creaming off …

Daily Lins Feb 27

Yes, EPBC Act again, because this is serious. Three ‘S’ Sussan is in charge so how confident are we that the environment is safe? https://www.watoday.com.au/politics/federal/morrison-government-s-environment-watchdog-a-toothless-tiger-20210226-p5766j.html From: Maelor Himbury <maelor@melbpc.org.au>Date: 27 …

Daily Links Feb 26

Dr Gary Johns, current head of the ACNC, ex-Keating Minister and IPA fellow, in claiming powers to sanction charities for what he thinks they might do is no defender of progressive movements. We should be very wary of this attempted LNP clamp on civil society. Manning Clark termed the coalition straighteners and narrowers – and indeed they are. I prefer to live in his other category – the enlargers,https://probonoaustralia.com.au/news/2021/02/alp-concerned-by-push-to-boost-acnc-enforcement-powers/

Daily Links Feb 25

First Dog looks at the thylacine that nearly was in this comment on guilt at wiping out a species. There’s a lot of guilt to go around with our track record of environmental carnage. The Samuels Review of the EPBC Act isn’t a total answer but it is a start that we absolutely need.https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/feb/24/the-thylacine-that-wasnt-even-though-we-wish-it-was

Daily Links Feb 24

You could apply the analysis of The Tragedy of the Commons to this – the subset of the community that are shareholders receive the dividends, but all of the community, including the shareholders, suffer the losses. What use dividends on a scorched planet? Ultimately, being able to afford the best air-conditioning won’t help on a depopulated, drought-stricken, biodiversity-lacking planet.https://www.modernghana.com/news/1063299/how-extractive-industries-manage-to-carry-on-harmi.html

Daily Links Feb 23

Parliamentarians used to be exemplary citizens, the smartest and most outstanding to lead us to the broad sunlit uplands of a successful future. Can you describe any of the current crop of Nats we have in Canberra in such terms? Embarrassing troglodytes, dunderheaded fools and grifters on the take – yet they get re-elected. What does that say about us?https://independentaustralia.net/environment/environment-display/national-party-waging-war-against-australian-environment,14824