Night parrot stories

Night parrot stories is a film (see it on SBS at 8.30 pm on Christmas Eve, 2017) , a Facebook page and treasure troves of tales in the minds of many birders in this wide brown land. Both adjectives apply, as the distribution of these birds has opened up considerably since their rediscovery in the Diamantina and where they are found is typically very very brown.

Loudmouths doing what they do best

No-one plans like the Loudmouths plan. In this case, we’re off to Boodjamulla in June/July 2018 to look for Kalkadoon grasswrens, Carpentarian grasswrens, Lilac-crowned fairy wren, Sandstone shrike thrush and more. This takes planning and where better to plan and plan often than some eatery and drinkery?

Some people see a use in cats. I’m not one of them.

Isn’t it odd how every cat owner will tell that their cat doesn’t eat birds. If it’s a cat, it eats birds, period! That’s what they do. If you must have a cat, and that’s a big if, make sure that it isn’t where birds are. There’re many good designs for cat runs, make one and put your cat in it. Check this article from The Conversation for reasons why.