Daily Links Dec 24

And again as ever, a very big thank you to Maelor Himbury who compiles Daily Links as a service to the environment. A most needed education is media education and …

Daily Links Dec 23

Carbon removal and climate restoration as discussed in this article, without CCS and being distinct from geoengineering, are hopeful concepts. Though we are locked in to changes we’d rather not have (latent heat in the ice-pack among them), there is promise in this young thinking.https://grist.org/climate/can-we-restore-the-climate-these-young-activists-want-us-to-try/

Daily Links Dec 22

Research support has these solar cells now at 32.9% efficiency, free inputs in operation and no emissions. Compare this with most internal combustion engines at around 20% efficient (Mercedes F1 …

Daily Links Dec 21

On many issues, there’s a chasm between public opinion and our ‘representative’ government’s preparedness to respond to that opinion. The problem lies in the preselection process, those who are chosen …

Daily Links Dec 20

Here’s another case of privatising the profits, socialising the losses. The fossil fools make their money, the shareholders get their dividends, the taxpayers get the cost of the clean-up. How …

Daily Links Dec 19

It was wisdom and humility that led King Canute to demonstrate the futility of trying to turn back the waves. The Pentecostal PM has neither and will likely make some announcements “about these matters” and that “my government will be making arrangements, as that’s what working Australians expect governments to do”. Rest assured the announcements won’t be about reducing emissions to reduce climate change impacts.https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-12-18/nsw-coastal-erosion-branded-a-national-emergency/12990962

Daily Links Dec 18

Ladies and Gentlemen, don’t be left holding the parcel when the music stops. The stranding of assets has started, and there’s not much the Member for Manila, his FNQ mate Matteo Canavani, Angus Fantastic, Coal Fitzgibbon or any of the other coal-fondlers can do about.https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-12-17/bluewaters-coal-fired-power-station-written-off-books/12990532

Daily Links Dec 16

When competing ideologies collide – a commitment to delivering for donors and a commitment to free market is the LNP playing both Arthur and Martha. Just to show how ludicrous things have become, the climate-denying Member for Manila will take time off from his pleasure jaunts to chair the inquiry into the financial services sector withdrawing support for fossil fuels. As Chuckles Henderson might say, “can you bear it?”

Daily Links Dec 15

Re coastal erosion in northern NSW and southern Qld, get used to it as it’s going to occur much more often. I understand that with each one degree increase in temperature, the atmosphere holds seven per cent more moisture. Global warming equals global flooding. Coastal real estate, anyone? And who’s for shares in insurance companies?https://www.sbs.com.au/news/largest-coastal-erosion-in-years-wild-weather-in-northern-nsw-queensland-expected-to-worsen