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Dear Listers, serious issues require serious responses, so there’s no apology here for disturbing your post-Boxing Day repose. Melissa Price, releasing the Woodside proposal for response under the EPBC Act when attention might be diverted, is acting unconscionably. At the least, we should not accept Woodside’s judgement that an EES is not warranted. And we should not accept as Melissa Price as Minister FOR the Environment, for she isn’t.

Daily Links Dec 21

Thank you most sincerely Maelor Himbury, for your excellent compilations of environment stories from across this wide browner land this year. We are more informed as a result of your work and rather than sink into a torpor, we are up for the fight as a result of being forewarned so forearmed for the challenges ahead.Best wishes to all for getting through the silly season.

Daily Links Dec 20

What would Jesus do? I’d like to think that he would instruct his followers to care for creation. However, at least one of his followers, our Happy Clapping P M, believes that the end days are nigh, so there’s no need for climate response. He also believes that the bible should be read literally so the earth is no more than 6,000 years old, that evolution is a con and that heaven is a real place.

Daily Links Dec 19

Blind creature that buries head in sand named after Donald Trump. In such times, what else can we do but resort to gallows humour?

Daily Links Dec 18

Re the legal clause which could allow Adani to sue Australia, we should never include ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement) provisions in international trade agreements. The now terminated Australia-India treaty had such provisions that were grandfathered so Adani taking action against Australia might still be a live option. ISDS provisions pose real and ongoing sovereign risk.

Daily Links Dec 15

Cuts to research give a lie to Australia being a clever country and a knowledge nation. This is not an exciting time to be an Australian.

Daily Links Dec 14

Climate talks work on a fair way to phase out coal, LNP troglodytes work out unfair way to take Australia out of the future.