Daily Links Aug 31

The Eureka Alert article on the use of silicon in batteries sets out just one the myriad research possibilities we should be exploring rather that the fossil-fool fiction of clean coal. Ignore the distractions, the red herrings and the sops to BaU.

Daily Links Aug 30

I trust that the wave of legal action is a tsunami, made all the more severe for the years of inaction when it was known all along that climate changes impacts were coming.

Daily Links Aug 28

Australia eclipsed in commercial solar uptake. We’re world beaters when it comes to residential solar, helped by the price-gouging power companies. How come our businesses aren’t as forward-thinking? What tariffs are they on?

Daily Links Aug 25

Coal in decline: Adani in question and Australia out of step, reports The Guardian. ‘The IEA found … traditional coal-fired power would be gone by mid-century.’ Agile, innovative -there’s never been a more exciting time to be an Australian. Yeah, right!

Daily Links Aug 24

‘Coal in decline. .. ‘ and change is inevitable. This is a clear statement of what should be the bleeding obvious to all but the most hidebound.Pass this on to any of the hidebound that you talk to and ask them for their response.

Daily Links Aug 23

The VRET (Victoria to unveil wind and solar tenders … ) is set at 25% by 2020 and 40% by 2025. We were at 16% in 2016 so there is work to go to reach 25% in just 3 years.

Daily Links Aug 22

If there are 35 million biblical literalists in the US, watch out for your babies. Psalm 137: 9 says Happy shall he be that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones. The fundamentalists holding us back from a climate change solution are a problem – bigly!

Daily Links Aug 21

Now we plan where to find refuge when, not if, bush fires hit. Once we looked forward to summer, now we are fearful of it. How many > 40 degree days this summer?

Daily Links Aug 18

Renters, apartment dwellers and those south-facing, look for a nearby solar garden (check ww.solar gardens.org) or better still, join with the neighbours and develop one.