Daily Links Jul 27

We keep saying that if only people knew about climate change, they’d act. But there’s plenty of evidence that it’s a matter of values, not knowledge. As my apple-cheeked mater used to say, there’re none so deaf as those that will not hear. By all means journos, get on board, but don’t think that that is all there is to be done.

Daily Links Jul 26

The descriptor  ‘climate change’ election didn’t turn out to be accurate, but post-election it is obvious that it should have been the dominant issue. Check the headlines in this lot. …

Daily Links Jul 25

The Minister for Emissions Reduction, Angus ‘Fantastic’ Taylor, hasn’t reduced emissions yet. Delaying the data doesn’t give us confidence in his performance either, but then the poor chap is possibly a bit distracted with his imbroglio over at Jam Land Pty Ltd. This doesn’t give us much confidence in him either.https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-25/angus-taylor-delayed-emissions-data-foi-documents-reveal/11343154

Daily Links Jul 24

Well this took them a while and US$400 mill, one hopes, is just a start. At least it is a start and linking emissions performance to executive remuneration is a good start. We might think of applying this concept to the performance of our politicians.https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/jul/23/bhp-boss-announces-us400m-plan-to-combat-indisputable-climate-crisis

Daily Links Jul 23

Hey, Angus ‘Fantastic’ Taylor and Matteo Canavani, check the performance of renewables and their price with this data.https://reneweconomy.com.au/electricity-prices-across-the-grid-fall-to-zero-as-renewables-reach-44-share-77635/

Daily Links Jul 22

While it is what we do as individuals that contributes to plastics being the problem, legislation and regulation informed by research is essential and can hasten change. The last line in the article says what has to be done, ‘hold our political leaders accountable to ensure we do better’.https://www.cbc.ca/news/opinion/plastic-ban-1.5180532

Daily Links Jul 21

Uh oh! How’s the future for Black-throated finches with land clearing for Adani getting underway? Here’s the problem with vegetation offsets writ large. If the little blighters could live in the alternative area that Adani has apparently identified, they’d be there now. They’re birds, they vote with their wings.https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/environment/sustainability/major-land-clearing-about-to-begin-at-adani-mine-site-opponents-say-20190720-p5292o.html

Daily Links Jul 20

‘Decarbonise electricity and then electrify everything’ is the answer and the technology is there, the political will isn’t. The moon quest had the political will and so they had the support to develop the technology. So we know what we need, eh?https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/19/climate/moon-shot-climate-change.html

Daily Links Jul 19

We need to stop spitting out carbon, not conducting uncontrolled experiments on the atmosphere or the oceans. Geoengineering of anything is pandering to the fossil fools and allowing them to keep doing what they are doing.Cleantechnica.com/

Daily Links Jul 18

Going off-list today with something that is sure to get you thinking. It’s your call as to whether they’re positive or negative thoughts but what if the new imperial power came out of the private sector?https://www.moneymorning.com.au/20190717/who-leads-the-new-empire-when-the-us-falls.html