The 7 wonders of your natural world? The world of science can be incomprehensible to many. We might think of science as exact but it can be anything but. We …

Fluff and Snarl … or Azaria?

The camping area at Glen Helen in the West Macdonnells was crowded. It was mid-winter, school holidays in much of the country and holidaying school-teachers with their families, as well …

Blokes at a BBQ, a blokey place to be, so why was Leanne there?

These blokes didn’t call out ‘Ducks on the pond’. Marinating Leanne in barbeque smoke was less kind than would have been just plain exclusion in this all-too-familiar example of bloke bonding. When it comes to such behaviour, me mate ‘Plate’ would say, ‘I resemble that comment”.

Robert Manne listened to Mahler and then listened to Paul Keating – and so did we.

Paul Keating thinks over the broadest range of issues, intelligently, deeply, strategically. We miss in our public life thinkers of his calibre and we and our country are the poorer. He had the thousand plus people fortunate to be in the room with him spell-bound at his wit, his humour and believe it or not, his humility. After all, he has so little about which to be humble.

When I hit the town with Bobby Kennedy Jr.

Robert F Kennedy Jnr, then President of the Waterkeeper Alliance, treated us to oratory as we rarely hear it. His message on the importance of being organised for protecting the environment, particularly riverine and marine environments, was the basis for the formation of Waterkeepers Australia