Daily Links Jun 4

This finding against Shell is good news. The fossil fools are under the pump on so many fronts, only the cloth-headed would claim that they have a future.  What’s that …

Daily Links Jun 3

How strongly can the Marketer swim against the tide, d’ya reckon? The G7 will no doubt be all apprehensive about warnings from this beer-swilling, silly hat-wearing, anti-intellectual fundamentalist. And he’s the best our political process can throw up? Where is our proud country going?https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/politics/federal/morrison-will-warn-g7-nations-not-to-put-carbon-tariffs-on-trade-20210602-p57xfd.html

Daily Links Jun 2

T S Eliot’s The Hollow Men comes to mind. Cormann and his LNP denier mates were leaning together on climate policy, their headpieces were filled with straw if they thought …

Daily Links Jun 1

But here’s the rub, it doesn’t seem to matter to the federal government what the research says. They sneer at research. We might have thought of them as a free-market government, but with their policy settings (or lack thereof) they’re operating as a post-ideology kakocratic government, where only their donors and rich mates benefit.https://pursuit.unimelb.edu.au/articles/tougher-environmental-policies-can-create-economic-winners