Daily Links Nov 30

I can only hope that the school-kids strike for climate change is steering them into a life of activism, just as the Springbok demos, the Moratoriums and the July 4 rallies set us old hippy lefties on our respective life-courses. Tony Windsor, no doubt among others, says that ‘the world is run by those who turn up’ and these kids turning up is a great development.

Daily Links Nov 29

The ‘leader of the free world’ talks about the US Administration’s climate change report “… a lot of people like myself, we have very high levels of intelligence but we’re not necessarily such believers … the air is incredibly dirty, and when you’re talking about an atmosphere, oceans are very small.” This guy is a blithering idiot but on this, as in so many things, his stupidity is dangerous.

Daily Links Nov 28

Countries not living up to climate change commitments – including Australia, says U N report. Yet the ‘government’ claims we’ll meet the Paris Agreement ‘in a canter’. Who are we to believe, the thumbs-up sloganeer or the weight of evidence? Btw, today Sydney is in storm induced shut-down, Cairns is in life-threatening heat stress and the central Qld coast is burning -just some of the predicted consequences of the Clapper’s cloth-headedness.

Daily Links Nov 27

The high-end tourism development proposed for Lake Malbena in the Walls of Jerusalem World Heritage Area is a serious problem. In the balance that is needed between conservation and development, there have to be some places where conservation reigns supreme, as there are also highly urbanised areas. World Heritage listing recognises the best places we have and they are to be absolutely protected.

Daily Links Nov 26

Leaving aside the Greens going backwards, voting below the line has to be changed. How can around 9% result in a loss while 1% results in a win in the Legislative Council?

Daily Links Nov 25

With the Victorian election result, will the LNP realise that you cannot present as an alternative government without an environment policy? That support for TAFE is better than support for prisons? With the prevalence of domestic violence, that terror is more likely found in the home than in public places?

Daily Links Nov 24

Uh oh, the geoengineers are at it again, wanting to put particles into the stratosphere. It would be ‘remarkably inexpensive’ and ‘technically possible’, only costing $2 billion a year, involving 60,000 flights annually with 100 yet to be developed aircraft. If you externalise all other costs than sulphur dioxide and the flights, it might be ‘inexpensive’ but that isn’t half of it. How about a universal move to decarbonising the economy and environment and not risking the earth?

Daily Links Nov 23

How many ‘wrecking balls’ d’ya reckon Shorten has at his disposal? Angus Taylor is just the latest to claim that another one is going to wreck the economy, in this case because Labor is implementing their own version of the LNP NEG, a policy thrice approved by the conservatives party room. Aren’t we all getting over politics by hyperbole?

Daily Links Nov 22

Will we survive climate change? Well, “… there’s no scientific support for inevitable doom” but, “things will be bad” … . You would think an intelligent species would try to avoid things going bad?

Daily Links Nov 21

Check the Australian Climate Policy Survey 2018 and the see the high-level dissatisfaction in the higher-levels of the Australian business community. LNP policy is totally-counterintuitive. There has to be a reason, ponder upon the possibilities.