Daily Links Apr 30

The Sierra Club article makes for compelling reading and there are many Australian variations on the US events it graphically presents. When the discussion turns to reparations and who will pay, the Carbon Barons ought to feel uneasy. The move from ‘is it happening’ to ‘we’re not causing it’ to ‘what can we do about it’ is moving quickly, relatively speaking. Of course it has not been quickly enough – but it is accelerating and we should keep up, no increase, the pressure.

Daily Links Apr 29

With Australia’s unconscionable position on climate change in favour of so many subsidiary concerns, it is not a matter of not seeing the woods for the trees; it will mean coping when there’s neither woods nor trees.

Daily Links Apr 28

Block chain managed micro grids for renewable energy on Gippsland farms – another innovation for the move away from fossil fools.

Daily Links Apr 27

‘Ministers repeatedly remind us that the first responsibility of government is the security of the people.’Is our current lot meeting their fiduciary responsibility re climate change?

Daily Links Apr 26

An investigation into $180 million water buybacks is much-needed. In this wide brown land, it is not as though we have water to spare now, let alone when climate impacts intensify. Better water management and sufficient environmental allocations are fundamental to our future.

Daily Links Apr 25

However soon the free ride is over for fossil fuel companies, it won’t be soon enough. In a fully free market, and there’s a really big argument to be had as to whether that’s a fair thing, how can we allow the fossil fools to continue to externalise costs when the consequences are so clear?

Daily Links Apr 24

Re our birds and mammals and their likelihood of extinction, the Bramble Cay Melomys has the distinction of being the first mammalian extinction due to climate change. Kinda makes you proud NOT that Australia is showing leadership yet again, eh?

Daily Links Apr 23

It is a pity that a cash incentive has to be offered at all before Victorians call their power provider to check the deal that they are on. The mere act of asking the question of them almost always results in a better deal as they scramble to hold onto their customer base in the context of circling competitors. Everyone should make it an annual practice to check on their energy plan with their provider. Still, if that is what it takes …

Daily Links Apr 22

If the recycling ‘crisis’ costs us as ratepayers $1 a week, it will have been a cheap lesson on how we need to rethink our consumption and packaging practices. Remember the four Rs – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and only then Recycle.