Daily Links Oct 31

We have come a long way – of course we’re not there yet – when the Chairman of Nissan Europe writes an op ed piece for The Age such as this.http://www.theage.com.au/comment/collective-action-is-vital-to-keep-the-electric-car-revolution-on-the-road-20171029-gzaexx.html

Daily Links Oct 30

The book by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway Merchants of Doubt gives chapter and verse regarding big business and their circumvention of environmental protections. Who is surprised to see Monsanto included in the cabal of companies putting profit before people?

Daily Links Oct 28

Top Post Climate change and the human mind: A noted psychiatrist weighs in. Author Robert Jay Lifton has probed the psyches of barbaric Nazi doctors and Hiroshima survivors. Now, he …

Daily Links Oct 27

Apropos Peter Garrett and the return of the Oils, it’s a sad statement about our political structures and processes when a rock musician has the potential to deliver greater success than a Cabinet Minister.

Daily Links Oct 26

Talk of the NEG as a social licence failure shows that both the policy and the politics are still toxic. There are so many examples (and now the ROC, the AFP and the AWU debacle) to show that the Turnbull government isn’t doing either well.

Daily Links Oct 25

These dissident Coalition MPs pushing for an earlier end to renewable energy subsidies in the photograph accompanying The Guardian article bring to mind my early teaching years. I reckon I had Year 9 boys in the back row of my science classes with more understanding of scientific principles than these class clowns