Daily Links Jul 31

Energy smart home could even boost your health? Well, who’d have thought? And think of the money you’d save? And think how energy-wasteful neighbours would deal with your smug expression.

Daily Links Jul 28

‘Trying to take water off you?” The water belongs to us all and unless enough of it gets down the river, there’ll be all manner of problems. As El Ninos happen more often and increase in duration, water will be less and less available. This has to be sorted and playing funny buggers with your mates, Barnaby, isn’t helping.

Daily Links Jul 27

Adani, Santos and the Canavan crisis is nearly enough to bring about a belief in karma or in Gaia with a self-regulating capacity. Is there anyone in the previously farmer-friendly Nats as pro-coal as Canavan to be the replacement Minister?

Daily Links Jul 26

One question re geoengineering, in this case spraying particles into marine clouds, is ‘can we do it’ but by far the more important question is ‘should we do it’. We can always find displacement activities, diversions and red herrings to stop doing what we shouldn’t – pump CO2 into the atmosphere.

Daily Links Jul 25

Now I’m not going all soy-candle and tapping into the mystic resonance of the universe or anything, but the often very dark article ‘So what if we’re doomed?’ by Brian Calvert is a worth-while read even if just for the thought that ‘humans are unable to understand themselves as a part of nature and (are) therefore doomed to destroy it’. There has to be some explanation for the monumental stupidity we see all around us.

Daily Links Jul 24

Rowan Dean, these minuscule rises in sea level that the fact-finder reported led islanders from the Carteret Islands off PNG to become climate change refugees in July 2009. Or did they having nothing else to do that day? The changes have only become greater despite your anecdotal evidence to the contrary.

Daily Links Jul 21

When it comes to market decisions (Guardian article), the banks are doing just that re funding Adani. Government sets the parameters for wise future-oriented policy, the market works within the certainty that wise policy provides. SO PROVIDE POLICY CERTAINTY, Trumble.

Daily Links Jul 20

This was the article from Tuesday that should have been featured. My enthusiasm to lampoon Craig Kelly should have been resisted. Let’s hope we are seeing the death throes of neoliberalism.https://www.theguardian.com/environment/truenorth/2017/jul/neoliberalism-has-conned-us-into-fighting-climate-change-as-individuals

Daily Links Jul 19

The article Removing CO2 from the air required to safeguard childrens’ future raises the difficult issue of carbon drawdown. At 450 ppm or more for a long time, we’re all in trouble, but clawing this back to 350 or even 400 ppm will not be easy – or cheap. And beware of fanciful flirtations with the geoengineers.

Daily Links Jul 18

How long before enough people wake up to the idiocy into which we are being led by ‘Full Metal Jacket’ Turnbull, Craig ‘Killer Renewables’ Kelly and Matt ‘We don’t burn it, just mine it’ Canavan?