Life as a Twitcher

Once I came out of the closet and self-described as a twitcher, I felt strangely liberated. I was out and proud. The usually unkind descriptor ‘nerd’ is still applied to …

Learning from birds

it is said that it’s a man’s world, but that is not always the case. Here’re two examples from the bird world that show the benefits of being female. What …

Innuendo and birdwatching; a not-so-rare double

Sexual innuendo linked with bird-names is not too hard to find. Tits and shags are all too obvious and couple this with a largely male pursuit, add in lashings of post-adolescent humour and the article here is an almost inevitable consequence. I was sent this article by someone some time ago and I post it here in case someone finds it titillating or perhaps provocative of a behind-the-hands snigger.

Loudmouths doing what they do best

No-one plans like the Loudmouths plan. In this case, we’re off to Boodjamulla in June/July 2018 to look for Kalkadoon grasswrens, Carpentarian grasswrens, Lilac-crowned fairy wren, Sandstone shrike thrush and more. This takes planning and where better to plan and plan often than some eatery and drinkery?

Some people see a use in cats. I’m not one of them.

Isn’t it odd how every cat owner will tell that their cat doesn’t eat birds. If it’s a cat, it eats birds, period! That’s what they do. If you must have a cat, and that’s a big if, make sure that it isn’t where birds are. There’re many good designs for cat runs, make one and put your cat in it. Check this article from The Conversation for reasons why.

Birdwatching is the new black … well khaki or camel perhaps

Birdwatchers span a range of shapes, sizes and approaches. At one end, you’ll see some in their various shades of Kathmandu merchandise, camouflaged from head to toe in khaki and sensible hats, with $2000 Swarovski or Zeiss binoculars and twitching in their earnestness. And then there are the other kind, the irreverent chaps (and they are mainly chaps) out for a good time in the bush. You can find somewhere on the continuum where you’ll fit, so do yourself a favour, take the advice in this handy introduction and I’ll see you out there.