Daily Links Nov 9

Christians Figueres says we are three years away from the tipping point when carbon emissions have to trend downwards and she is seeing progress growing exponentially in mega trends such as methane-less meat, renewable energy, the demise of coal etc

Daily Links Nov 8

The Australian Centre for Corporate Responsibility says that ‘the Minerals Council of Australia has been a toxic drag on Australian public debate and democracy’. The ACCR is not just whistling Dixie!

Daily Links Nov 7

So here’s the thing – two thirds of India is yet to be built, one sixth of humankind will look for developed world standard of living. We’re all fried if India’s growth is based on coal.

Daily Links Nov 4

Top Post Science Confirms You Should Stop and Smell the Roses There’s truth to the idea that spending time outdoors is a direct line to happiness, say researchers. In fact, …

Daily Links Nov 3

Huge private sector investement puts Paris targets within reach, but how much of that investment reaches Australia? Wake up, Turncoat!

Daily Links Nov 1

Geoffrey Cousins is baffled by the Qld government support for Adani’s mine. You ain’t Robinson Crusoe there, Geoff, there is no rational reason for this support – unless it’s the CFMEU, and if you appease them how many others do you lose?