Daily Links Jan 19

Corporations having the legal rights and responsibilities of a person should not elevate shareholder value above their other responsibilities. It is past time to balance shareholder value, ‘the dumbest idea in capitalism’, with social and community value. Corporations do not operate in the ether, they need all of the processes and infrastructure that society provides if they are to be successful. Their responsibility is to contribute to these.

Daily Links Jan 18

The Oz is relentless with a report identifying ‘up top 13 gas fields with the potential for storage (of CO2)’. CCS involves capture, transport and storage each step of which needs energy; energy offset against the generation of energy that produces the CO2 in the first place. How stupid is that? There is little likelihood of a commercial large -scale CCS site and The Oz is flogging a dead horse in suggesting that there can be.

Daily Links Jan 17

The MCA would have to be one of the darkest forces for darkness we have. They have the money and they admit that they buy access and influence politicians yet they seek to deny environmental groups, many of which are skint, any forum to carry out even the most benign advocacy. We need to stop political donations – period!

Daily Links Jan 16

Leave Doug Edmeades (why I am a global warming sceptic) to his homespun folksy nonsense (why would a scientist waste his/her time responding to drivel?) and go outside the list and look at The Conversation article ‘Climate politics in 2018: another guide for the perplexed’. Adam Bandt is on the money here, storage and the still-falling price of renewables will take care of the politics such that the LNP troglodytes will look more and more foolish.

Daily Links Jan 15

The proposed Adani mine in Qld would deliver coal at 5000 kilocalories per kilogram and needs a coal price of at least $110 per tonne. The existing Hunter mines deliver coal of 6000 kilocalories per kilogram at a current price of $105 per tonne and the market isn’t growing enough to need both regions producing coal. Speaking of zombies, why is the Adani Carmichael mine still on the drawing board.

Daily Links Jan 14

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Daily Links Jan 13

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Daily Links Jan 12

I think that the nuclear boat that we have missed is called the ‘Red Herring’ and it’s been a good one to miss. Let’s concentrate on the real issue, non-carbon based energy.