Daily Links Aug 21

Re GNats Deputy Leader Bridget McKenzie’s preparedness to use the ‘C’ word, Henry Lawson’s description of the Australian bush could equally be applied to those elected to defend its interests. The bush is ‘the nurse and tutor of eccentric minds, the home of the weird, and much that is different in other worlds’. Unfortunately, in this case eccentricity is not harmless.

Daily Links Aug 20

Having dominion over all the earth, as the Christian Bible says humans have, has led the largely Christian West to turn it into a ‘Hothouse Earth’. If religion is a cultural adaptation to environment, there might be a bit of maladaptation going on here.

Daily Links Aug 18

Eleven articles with a national focus on energy policy and why we don’t have a good one, or a good PM either, and then talk of hothouse earth and the problems we have.

Daily Links Aug 17

Re Maelor’s selected post of the day and the horrendous changes we all face, a wise woman once said to me ‘nothing bad lasts forever’. She was referring to events that do eventually come to an end, we just have to wait them out. Unfortunately, unless we get very serious very quickly, climate change will be the something bad that will last forever.

Daily Links Aug 16

Re the $444 million given to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, reportedly the 100 page grant contract (contracts for grants won after lengthy application processes are typically 100+ pages) makes no mention of THE major threatening process, climate change. But the Board, with representatives of the fossil fool industry, doesn’t influence the work program? Pull the other one!

Daily Links Aug 15

Truly it is said’the perfect is the enemy of the good’. Having a deadlock in Parliament on the NEG(ative really) is to continue the impasse we’ve been facing since the CPRS was abandoned as being third or fourth rate at best. We have issues of principle and degree here. A two part process would be to pass it with the current target, as woefully inadequate as it is, then, with it in place, tighten it with more realistic targets as soon as the politics allow (perhaps in the first half of next year).

No Daily Links today

Maelor is beset by gremlins today, so it’s off to Plan B. Check David Robinson’s work at live.org.au and think about showing up at the climate change forum with Rob Gell moderating a debate between the ex-IPA’s Tim Wilson, current Member for Goldstein and Simon Holmes a Court, an energy activist with a very long list of achievements.

Daily Links Aug 13

Back on deck after checking out northern parts of this very wide and now much browner land. With the euthanasia debate being given prominence over energy policy, the country will be euthanased. Droughts and high temperatures will finish us off, Turnbull and Leyonhjelm.

Daily Links Aug 12

Top Post The world of plastics, in numbers Eric Beckman In 2015, over 320 million tons of polymers, excluding fibers, were manufactured across the globe. https://theconversation.com/the-world-of-plastics-in-numbers-100291 Today’s Celebration Arequipa Week …