Daily Links Sep 7

‘Coal does not have an economic future in Australia’. Could someone please tell the Pastor PM, Joshy and Matteo Canavani.

Daily Links Sep 6

Prosecuting Adani over their illegal sediment discharge (over 800 times the licensed amount) is the right thing to do. Give them an inch, they’ll take ten miles. The company was given uncapped access to groundwater then put in a claim for an extra 10 gigalitres from damming the Sutton River. In so many ways, we simply cannot afford this mine.

Daily Links Sep 5

How surprising? The energy sector doesn’t want a Royal Commission, stating that it would be a ‘costly chest-thumping exercise’. To paraphrase noted commentator Mandy Rice-Davies, ‘well they would say that, wouldn’t they?’

Daily Links Sep 4

What’s really the point of Paris? What’s really the point of Judith Sloan is the better question. And the answer? No point , just another in the long line of News Corp ideologues and so quite predictable and very unhelpful.

Daily Links Sep 3

It would have been handy for Morrison PM to be at the Pacific Islands Forum to hear personally from leaders of submerging states. Otherwise he might be tempted to continue in his Pentecostal belief that the Raptures are imminent, the accompanying devastation is to be welcomed and doing nothing on climate change is a fair response. Where is reason and leadership?

Daily Links Sep 2

Container deposit schemes are very effective, Victoria, so introduce one please. On our recent extended road trip through the centre, the change in the amount of roadside litter as we crossed from SA into NT was as clear as all-get-out. Ignore the self-interested beverage industry, they have been free-riding for too long.

Daily Links Sep 1

Is it lights out for renewables? asks Judith Sloan in the Oz. Now I haven’t read the article (paywall and all that) but a cursory look around the country will show renewables powering ahead. Fresh from their success(?) in firing Turnbull, is this the Oz ramping up to deliver on their next target?