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Australia eclipsed in commercial solar uptake. We’re world beaters when it comes to residential solar, helped by the price-gouging power companies. How come our businesses aren’t as forward-thinking? What tariffs are they on?

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Power firms told to cut prices
The nation’s electricity industry chiefs will be hauled in by Malcolm Turnbull for the second time in three weeks.

Renewable energy generates enough power to run 70% of Australian homes
Renewable Energy Index shows sector will generate power to run 90% of homes once wind and solar projects being built in 2016-17 are completed

Malcolm Turnbull to announce millions for Snowy Hydro project

Renewable industry to bust without clean energy target: analysts

Power is PM’s big renewal hope
Simon Benson
Turnbull will go back and draw from the well he ­believes will help the government revive its political fortunes.

Australia eclipsed in commercial solar uptake
Reece Turner
Australia is seeing a new boom in solar energy generation powered by nose-bleeding electricity and gas price rises. In fact, Australian households are approaching 25 per cent solar uptake, which is the highest in the world by a large margin.
However, when it comes to businesses installing solar power, Australia’s doing far worse. Estimates are we’re not even in the top 20 countries for commercial solar.

Government losing its resistance to rent-seeking businesses
Ross Gittins

New South Wales
Ex-state agronomists demand axing of Shenhua coal mine

Plan to burn rubbish to power Canberra faces uphill battle
An ambitious plan to build one of Australia’s first waste-to-energy plants in Canberra’s south is facing hurdles, including air quality concerns and questions around receiving tariffs for feeding excess energy into the grid.

Does a plastic bag ban cause a spike in bin liner sales?
After plastic bags were banned in 2011, Canberrans are getting creative about their waste.

Tonnes of rubbish collected from Whitsundays after Tropical Cyclone Debbie
A north Queensland environmental organisation picks up more than 15 tonnes of rubbish and marine debris from the Whitsundays after Cyclone Debbie.

Remote technologies to watch for poachers
VESSEL monitoring technology will be used to regulate the Coral Sea rather than having more patrols, under the new management plan for the offshore reserve.

Dwarf minkes an all-star cast for research
A JAMES Cook University research team has spent time diving with hundreds of dwarf minke whales on the remote northern Great Barrier Reef.

Gloves are off in megamine fight
ADANI will chase activists and environmental groups for an estimated $1 million in court damages after receiving a slap on the wrist for coal dust spill.

Clear view of Brisbane’s future
BRISBANE is on the brink of becoming a major international centre underpinned by booming population growth and a “network of cities’’ unrivalled by any other Australian capital.

NAB questions the secrecy of Turnbull government’s Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility
A $5 billion infrastructure loan facility derided as a secretive Turnbull government slush fund has weathered further criticism – this time from a major bank.

Four of ACT’s five largest dams not meeting safety code

South Australia
Old RAH radioactive waste headed ‘home’
RADIOACTIVE waste currently stored at the old Royal Adelaide Hospital is set to be sent back overseas as the site is cleared once health services shift to the other end of North Tce.

Dismay and despair as ‘dogs of the sea’ threaten fishing livelihoods in Tasmania
Far from being cute “dogs of the sea”, Tasmania’s fishing fraternity say relocated seals are harassing their boats, destroying nets, attacking other wildlife and are a threat to livelihoods.

Target set to reduce fire risk
The state government has set a new fire risk reduction goal ahead of the summer fire season.

Pulp mill permit expires in two days
The controversial Tamar Valley pulp mill is set to face a legal challenge.

We won’t stop activism for animals
Kristy Alger
COUNTLESS investigations have uncovered filthy conditions that farmed animals endure.

Northern Territory
Property damaged in ‘serious’ bushfire
Property, including sheds and containers, have been destroyed in Batchelor and Tumbling Waters after a huge bush fire tore through the area today

Western Australia
Warning to WA on power prices
Competition has not benefited electricity consumers in Victoria and WA Energy Minister Ben Wyatt should proceed cautiously in reforming the State’s power market, a Perth conference has been told.

The eco guide to zero wasters
The zero-waste revolution has been postponed, except on Instagram. But there are some constructive steps to be taken

Fossil fuel subsidies are a staggering $5 tn per year
A new study finds 6.5% of global GDP goes to subsidizing dirty fossil fuels

Nature Conservation
How to offset Trump’s climate science ignorance – plant 10bn trees
An ambitious tree-planting campaign aims to counteract the CO2 released by Donald Trump’s climate policies

Zinke’s plan for shrinking national monuments belongs in the recycling bin.
Los Angeles Times editorial
Thursday was Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s deadline for submitting recommendations to President Trump about what to do with more than two dozen national monuments — encompassing 553 million acres of protected public land and water, much of it environmentally sensitive.

Green for wellbeing – science tells us how to design urban spaces that heal us
Zoe Myers, University of Western Australia
Successful parks and urban green spaces encourage us to linger, to rest, to walk for longer. That, in turn, provides the time to maximise the restorative mental benefits.

Maelor Himbury