Daily Links Nov 11

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Nuclear accident in Russia or Kazakhstan sends radioactive cloud over Europe
French institute says pollution suggests release of nuclear material south of the Ural mountains in September.

Today’s Celebration
Armistice Day      Europe
Concordia Day      Sint Maarten / St. Martin
Cutting of the goose in Sursee (LU)  Switzerland
Guru Nanak’s Birthday    India
Independence Day      Angola   Poland
Lacplesa Day      Latvia
Prince of Wales Birthday  Tuvalu
Remembrance Day    British Commonwealth
Veterans Day      United States of America and Territories
Independence of Cartagena (official)  Colombia
Feast of St Martin      Christianity
Matinmas        Celticism
More about Nov 11     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/November_11

Climate Change
Is China really stepping up as the world’s new climate leader?
Climate change isn’t expected to feature during President Donald Trump’s trip to China. But his meeting with President Xi Jinping does hold symbolic significance as a summit of old and new leadership on climate change.

What’s it like to be an American at the UN climate talks?
US delegates, a faction of “unofficial delegates” and American observers are all attending the negotiations and hundreds of side events held in Bonn, Germany, this week and next.

EU strikes deal on carbon market reform
European Union negotiators agreed to a compromise on carbon market reforms on Thursday, with the bloc keen for a deal this week to show leadership at U.N. climate talks in Bonn.

New techniques for removing carbon from the atmosphere
Of the approximately two dozen medical CT scanners scattered throughout Stanford’s main campus and medical centers, two can be found nestled in basement labs of the Green Earth Sciences Buildings.

Big finance goes to COP
The UK Youth Climate Coalition report from the Bonn climate conference on Barclays’ presence.

Brazil warns climate spat may derail talks
The UN climate negotiations are picking up pace after a sluggish start but an emerging split between developed and developing countries has some warning it could derail talks.

Archbishop of Canterbury calls for UN climate talks in Bonn to recognize ‘urgent priority’ of climate change

Wind raising glacier melt rate
Strengthening winds in the Southern Ocean are causing the largest glacier in East Antarctica to melt quicker — a trend contributing to global sea-level rise.

Are natural disasters man-made? It’s hard to deny when the effects of climate change are all around us
Andrew Sheng
Fom increasingly intense hurricanes to regional landslides and flooding, it’s clear our actions are effecting the environment. But, it’s also evident that there are ways for us to avert disaster and change course.

Don’t be complacent: climate change will ravage rich and poor alike
Patricia Scotland
We need to accept the new reality of fast and furious natural disasters and have a plan to deal with it.

We’ll keep lights on, states can worry about emissions: ESB
ESB chair Kerry Schott says it will be up to the states to act if they want higher emissions targets.

Schott defends NEG modelling, says wind and solar at “low end”
Schott says NEG modelling assumes “low end” of wind and solar costs, defying recent evidence. But ESB did admit there is much work to do on policy, dispatchability had yet to be defined, new coal unlikely to get a look in, and states free to pursue own targets.

Customers ‘to pay $160m a year’ for PM’s Snowy scheme

Is Australia’s power grid safe from hackers?

Murray-Darling Basin Authority recommends cutting the water recovery target
Seventy billion litres would be taken out of the Murray Darling Basin Plan under a proposal put to the Federal Government.

Medibank’s unhealthy addiction to fossil fuels
Pablo Brait
Climate change remains the biggest global health threat of the 21st Century, yet Medibank has remained invested in coal, oil and gas companies that fuel

Energy efficiency: the foundation of the climate transition
Andrew McCallister
Energy debate in Australia seems overly focused on supply side of the market – it should look more closely at demand.

Why has BHP distanced itself from legal threat to environment groups?
Samantha Hepburn, Deakin University
BHP has distanced itself from moves to strip environment groups of their tax deductibility status. Why does the Big Australian see value in defending them?

Is high Chinese demand about to wreck the government’s gas deal?
Glenn Dyer

How the Greens drive policy
Mike Seccombe
The Greens believe they have put a difficult year behind them, and are seeing their ‘Cassandra’ foresight picked up by other parties.

Building cycling cities
Rose Donohoe
Cities with high rates of commuter cycling have histories of public action in favour of planning and infrastructure. In Australia there has been more active opposition.

New South Wales
Beer drinkers to pay more in NSW under container deposit scheme
The price of packaged beer across NSW is about to go up as brewers pass on the costs of the state’s new container deposit scheme, brewers warn.

Paul Keating to Peter Garrett: don’t dance on Sydney’s sacred land
Former prime minister Paul Keating has savaged a decision to fence off the Domain for 16 days for two Midnight Oil concerts, questioning why front man Peter Garrett would “feel in any way comfortable squatting and profiting from Sydney’s central piece of public land”.

Climate change and electric vehicles
Don Aitkin
What the ACT Government has done is to commission solar and wind generation, much of it outside the ACT, that is a contribution to the grid.

Queensland coal plant has a photo – now all it needs is a massive subsidy
A mock-up image of a new coal plant has been created, as part of the increasingly intense campaign to have one built – and funded by taxpayers – in north Queensland.

Adani timeline raises questions
The decision to veto a $1b Adani loan was made in May. So why did Annastacia Palaszczuk continue to profess her support?

Don’t scrap Adani royalty deal, says LNP

Earthquake-like crack frightens Queensland drivers in coal belt
Alarmed drivers have been shaken at the sight of an earthquake-like rift in the bitumen of a road in central Queensland’s coal belt.

LNP puts Greens last, One Nation ahead of Labor on how-to-vote cards

Mixed environmental messages in Queensland
Andrew Stafford
In the run-up to the Queensland election, the major parties are attempting to play both sides of the Adani mine–Great Barrier Reef debate.

The precedent against Adani
Bill Wilkie

South Australia
Video of the Day: The end of coal generation in South Australia
Boilers of old Northern coal fired generator brought down, bringing end of coal era in South Australia and paving way for huge investment in renewables and storage.

BHP Billiton announces 120 new jobs at Olympic Dam
Mining giant BHP will create dozens of new jobs at its operation near Roxby Downs in South Australia’s far north over the next year, in another sign the state’s mining industry is enjoying a positive turnaround.

Looming power crisis in SA: AEMO warns of 90,000-home electricity shortfall before summer even starts

Energy plan architect says Turnbull scheme will push down SA power bills
South Australians can expect power bills to drop under the Turnbull Government’s new energy policy despite facing challenges to meet the reliability targets, the scheme’s architect says.

Fears for Mt Lofty trees as SA Power Networks freed to swing the axe

Mature politics required to deliver transport grid of the future for South Australia
Adam Langenberg

TasWater posts profit rise

Plan to review place names
A wholesale axing and replacing of Tasmanian place names deemed offensive by the Aboriginal community has been flagged by a State Government options paper.

Alternative site rejected
The new “brutalist” Bruny Island Neck carpark continues to spark fierce debate.

Revelling in role as wombat warrior
John Harris says he’s proud to be the “friendly face” of Tasmania’s stricken wombats as he continues to fight to the scourge of sarcoptic mange.

Powering the country
Chris Gwynne 
The word is out. Tasmania has the natural advantages and renewable headstart to lead the way.

Northern Territory
Banning climbing Ayers Rock/Uluru does nothing for Aboriginal reconciliation
Julian Tomlinson
Plans to close Ayers Rock to climbers from 2019 add more weight to the notion that the most divisive force in Australia is not white people, but Aboriginal activists.

How much has the EPA changed one year since the election?
NBC’s Anne Thompson reviews Donald Trump’s reshaping of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Scott Pruitt’s implementation of it, one year since the election.

One of the world’s biggest miners is about to go coal-free
Just five years ago it would have been almost unthinkable that one of the world’s biggest mining companies would not dig any coal. It’s now likely to become a reality.

Republicans plan to turn Puerto Rico into a theme park for fossil-fuel corporations
“Puerto Rico has the potential of being the Hong Kong of the United States,” said Rep. Louie Gohmert at a House Committee on Natural Resources hearing.

Nuclear accident in Russia or Kazakhstan sends radioactive cloud over Europe
French institute says pollution suggests release of nuclear material south of the Ural mountains in September.

The public health implications of unregulated drinking water
Although solutions exist for ensuring that well water is safe to drink, it is unclear how and whether they can be implemented.

Air pollution exposure linked to brittle bone disease
Air pollution could cause osteoporosis, according to new research from Columbia University. The study found that areas with high levels of pollution saw more people hospitalized for fractures.

As wind power sector grows, turbine makers feel the squeeze.
Disappointing earnings reports from the world’s two biggest makers of wind turbines indicate that even they are struggling to adapt to a fast-changing sector.

The toxic city of Norilsk, Russia: ‘My Deadly Beautiful City’
Norilsk, Russia. Population 177,00. It’s the northernmost city in the world—and one of the most deadly.

New Routes to Renewables: Sandia Speeds Transformation of Biofuel Waste Into Wealth
A Sandia National Laboratories-led team has demonstrated faster, more efficient ways to turn discarded plant matter into chemicals worth billions

Green roofs to reduce the effects of climate change
Experts from the University of Seville highlight that these systems mean an energy saving for building owners, contribute to reducing pollution and cushioning temperatures

Nature Conservation
The bitter battle over the world’s most popular insecticides
As regulators consider a ban on neonicotinoids, debate rages over the harm they cause to bees.

Climate change, sparse policies endanger right whale population
North Atlantic right whales – a highly endangered species making modest population gains in the past decade – may be imperiled by warming waters and insufficient international protection, according to a new Cornell analysis published online in Global Change Biology

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