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‘CO2 emissions projected to rise’. Whatever are they thinking? 

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15,000 Scientists in 184 Countries Warn About Negative Global Environmental Trends
Human well-being will be severely jeopardized by negative trends in some types of environmental harm, such as a changing climate, deforestation, loss of access to fresh water, species extinctions and human population growth, scientists warn in today’s issue of BioScience, an international journal.

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King Hussein’s Birthday  Jordan
National Day      Palestinian Authority
National Day of Mourning  Germany
Prince of Wales’ Birthday   British Virgin Islands
Readjustment Day     Guinea Bissau
World Diabetes Day     http://www.idf.org/worlddiabetesday
Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day   https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/loosen-up-lighten-up-day/
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Climate Change
Record global CO2 emissions predicted for 2017 after 3-year plateau
Global CO2 emissions have risen for the first time in three years as scientists warn Australia’s 2030 Paris agreement target is slipping out of reach.

Are international pledges bold enough to stop global warming?
The countries signed onto the Paris Agreement have made pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. The promises are at the core of the accord, but can they prevent devastating climate change?

Want to understand climate change in Myanmar? Talk to kids
Children can play an important role in talking about climate change in their communities.

Seeking to slow climate change, lawsuits look to the constitution
Climate activists will argue in an Oslo court this week that Norway’s plans for Arctic oil exploration are unconstitutional, in an emerging branch of law where plaintiffs are trying to enlist a nation’s founding principles to limit warming.

From the Everglades to Kilimanjaro, climate change is destroying world wonders
Number of natural world heritage sites at serious risk from global warming has doubled in three years, says the IUCN, including the Great Barrier Reef and spectacular karst caves in Europe

Scientists to brief UNFCCC’s Patricia Espinosa on climate tipping points
‘Collision course’ with Earth’s climatic tipping points avoidable but political will to act missing, warn scientists

Solomon Islands churches preach climate action
“The churches are taking (climate change) on; they are accepting it”

When Continents Break It Gets Warm on Earth
The concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere determines whether the Earth is in greenhouse or ice age state. Before humans began to have an impact on the …

Cities hope new emissions push will spur climate ambition, finance
Mayors from 25 cities around the world, representing 150 million citizens, pledged on Sunday to cut their carbon emissions to net zero by 2050, while boosting efforts to become more resilient to extreme weather and other pressures linked to climate change.

Designing the climate observing system of the future
A targeted expansion of climate observing systems could help scientists answer knotty questions about climate while delivering trillions of dollars in benefits, according to a new paper published today in the online journal Earth’s Future.

Experts warn of a ‘new era of mega-catastrophies’ driven by climate change
Already among the warmest three years on record, 2017 has set another record: the most natural disasters in the United States costing more than $1 billion in the shortest time span.

Africa needs practical solutions, not promises to tackle climate change
Kaddu Sebunya
Kenya is smarting from drought and related cattle and wildlife conflicts.

That day we cleared up the climate change conspiracy
Paul Hampton
The denier would have me believe that climate change is a vast global conspiracy. Just what the scientists are conspiring against is as obscure as a sunset in, well, China.

World action as US stands alone
Peter Boyer
Another year, another global climate summit. But this year’s event in Bonn, Germany, marks a new phase in the battle to contain climate change.

Medibank to pull back from carbon polluting investments
Medibank Private dumps its exposure to high carbon investments a year after announcing its portfolio would move away from tobacco.

Some Australian street trees are about to disappear, climate research warns

Businesses face electricity contract renewal ‘cliff’

Federal and State governments fiddle while koalas burn
Sue Arnold
The mainstream media continue to look the other way as governments sign off on developments that will see koalas wiped out.

Rent-seekers think Libs wrong
Nick Cater
Energy policy has been placed on a more level playing field to limit costly subsidies.

Hazelwood coal mine operators to stand trial over massive fire
The owners of Victoria’s Hazelwood brown coal mine are committed to stand trial, accused of causing air pollution during a mine fire that was later blamed for contributing to deaths.

Greens launch National Park campaign
Victorian politicians could be forced to vote on a proposal that would end native logging, when the Greens introduce a bill to establish the Great Forest National Park next year.

The bold new plans for Melbourne’s controversial skyrail

Look no hands: Driverless cars coming to the state’s roads

Calls for more regularly graffiti cleans on Melbourne’s train network

Melbourne suburbs bucking the high population growth trend

New South Wales
How a stuffed skateboarding koala is teaching dogs not to attack
A skateboarding koala is teaching dogs the importance of protecting Australia’s native species, and pet owners are reaping the benefits of well-behaved dogs.

Remarks by WestConnex chief Dennis Cliche ‘undermined NSW Chief Scientist’

Climate change threatens some of Canberra’s trees

Sugar vs solar, round 2: 60MW Qld project stalls after opposition from cane farmers
ESCO Pacific’s proposed 60MW Mirani Solar Farm has failed to win approval from the local council, after strong opposition from local sugar can growers.

Queensland election 2017: Coal station plan fires up
A new coal-fired power station will be built in the north Queensland mining community of Collinsville under a Liberal National Party state government.

Queensland Election 2017: Greens candidate promises Labor support in return for death of Adani mine

Queensland Rail trains on track for legal disaster
Queensland Rail Rail was warned by its lawyers that its troubled $4.4 billion NGR train fleet could expose taxpayers to massive legal claims of discrimination if they were used before serious problems were fixed.

Queensland election 2017: LNP promises to build bridges for Brisbane River

Battery plant plan sparks jobs hope
The Palaszczuk government has committed up to $3.1m for a study into a proposed $2bn lithium-ion battery factory in Townsville.

Live sex show returns to Great Barrier Reef for repeat performance next month

Cairns recycles almost a tonne of batteries ahead of Recycling Week

Killing Queensland coal?
Geoff Carmody
While governments stress the subsidy blade of the scissors, the fossil fuel penalty blade is powerful at cutting fossil fuel energy supply too.

Know your NEM: Queensland poll – what are the odds?
David Leitch
Queensland energy politics has something for everyone – including a new coal plant – but bookmakers are backing the state Labor.

South Australia
Summer power lifeline installed at former Holden site
The SA Government says it just takes 12-and-a-half minutes for nine new generators to start supplying power to the grid, should blackouts strike this summer.

Cabinet poised to buy diesel turbines in first stop to state-owned power generator

Tassal backflips on dumping treated wastewater into Macquarie Harbour
Tasmanian salmon farming giant Tassal reverses its plan to dump treated wastewater extracted from its Macquarie Harbour pens back into the waterway, after “extensive community and stakeholder consultation”.

Ancient life form discovered in remote Tasmanian valley
A team of Tasmanian researchers has uncovered rare, living stromatolites deep within the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Tasmania ‘should buy gas pipeline’, Grange Resources says

Bonnie’s urgent plea for swift parrots
THE endangered swift parrot has gained support from a Tasmanian star, with actor Bonnie Sveen pushing for better protection of the species’ habitat across the state.

Northern Territory
‘Extremely slack’: NT Government has failed Katherine doctors, GP says
A local doctor in the Top End town of Katherine says the NT Government has not provided medical professionals with enough information to advise their patients about the potential health risks from exposure to water contaminated by PFAS chemicals.

Western Australia
FMG urged to back down on native title fight where billion-dollar mine resides
Mining magnate Andrew Forrest has been urged by native title holders to abandon plans to fight their newly-awarded rights over land that encompasses one of his billion-dollar mines.

In Delhi, you can taste the pollution in the air — but nobody cares
Unlike in China, where anger over air pollution levels spurs Beijing into action, air quality and its impact on health simply isn’t a major concern for many Indians.

China is building 30 “sponge cities” to soften the blow of climate change
The country has already invested $12 billion in infrastructure that alleviates flooding.

Schwarzenegger: Let’s slap a public health warning on fossil fuels
Arnold Schwarzenegger, former California governor and Hollywood actor and film producer, issued a challenge on Sunday to governments to start labelling fossil fuels with a public health warning that their use could cause illness and death.

Fossil fuel burning set to hit record high in 2017, scientists warn
The rise would end three years of flat carbon emissions – a ‘huge leap backward’ say some scientists, while others say the longer term trend is more hopeful

100% global renewable electricity more cost-effective than current system
Making a global transition to 100% renewable electricity grid has long been a dream of many, and new research shows it is a viable reality.

Down the river: The allure and perils of hydropower
Damming rivers may seem like a clean and easy solution for Albania and other energy-hungry countries. But the devil is in the details.

How endocrine disrupting chemicals affect fertility
Our daily coffee habit could be making us infertile, according to new research.

Norfolk nuclear test veterans claim radiation caused family deformities
When Robert Fleming watched one of the world’s most powerful weapons detonate 60 years ago, little did he know of the lasting impact it would have on future generations.

The Suburbs tapping in to geothermal power
From Austin to Atlanta, planned communities are tapping into geothermal power—and it has applications for denser urban neighborhoods, too.

15,000 Scientists in 184 Countries Warn About Negative Global Environmental Trends
Human well-being will be severely jeopardized by negative trends in some types of environmental harm, such as a changing climate, deforestation, loss of access to fresh water, species extinctions and human population growth, scientists warn in today’s issue of BioScience, an international journal.

Combating Trump administration threat to environmental justice data: A progress report
The Environmental Data and Governance Initiative (EDGI) was formed in November 2016 to respond to the threat posed by the new Trump Administration to environmental data, environmental policies, and federal environmental agencies.

Urgent protection for the environment needed to safeguard human health
We need to pay more attention to the health of the planet to save lives, and improve global health, now and in the future, Dr Samuel Myers will say at The Academy of Medical Sciences & The Lancet International Health Lecture1 today

Cups, lingerie and home-made pads: what are the reusable options for managing your period?
Lauren Rosewarne

Wind farm researchers found to have no human ethics approval
Simon Chapman
A new research paper into the health impacts of wind farms has raised serious concerns over academic credibility.

It’s true, wind turbines are monstrous. But I have learned to love them
Alice O’Keeffe
At first I resented the way the turbines changed the view. But now they look like part of a brighter future

Nature Conservation
Green incentives see rainforests felled in search for biofuel
What started as a way to cut Japan’s dependence on imported fossil fuels has led to an unexpected surge in a different and equally controversial shipment: palm oil.

California birds nesting a week earlier than they did a century ago
Earlier breeding allows birds to raise young at cooler temperatures, avoiding warming climes

How to manage forest pests in the Anthropocene? Bring theory
Eight tactics for pest control in an era of human-induced change

Urbanization may have a positive effect on the soils
Soil scientist from RUDN University (Russia) and his colleagues modeled how the expansion of the boundaries of the city of Moscow would affect the rural landscape in the next 30 years. Scientists came to an unexpected conclusion: urbanization can have a positive impact on the stocks of organic carbon in the soil.

Officials urged to clean up remote Hong Kong islands and waters before marine park designation
Green group’s visit to littered South Soko Island three months after large-scale collision of two vessels prompts call for stepped-up efforts

Urban Trees are Growing Faster Worldwide
Trees in metropolitan areas have been growing faster than trees in rural areas worldwide since the 1960s.

Maelor Himbury