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Lacking vision and foresight
Charles Wooley
I agree with the growing number of local people around the world who want tourists to “stay home”.

Today’s Celebration
Algeria Accords Day    Sao Tome & Principe
Anniversary of the Death of Alkoutb Said Muhammad Cheif Al Maarouf  Comoros
Proclamation Day      Mongolia
Day of the Covenant    Baha’i
More about Nov 26       https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/November_26

Climate Change
How soon will the ‘ice apocalypse’ come?
An emotive article on the ‘ice apocalypse’ by Eric Holthaus describes a terrifying vision of catastrophic sea level rise this century caused by climate change and the collapse of the Antarctic ice sheet.

‘Striking variations’ in Murray-Darling Basin Plan compliance, review finds
New South Wales and Queensland are slapped with a scathing assessment of compliance with the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, after a review finds poor levels of enforcement and a lack of transparency in the states’ water management.

‘Real jeopardy’: independent panel lays into Murray-Darling basin management
The leadership has not taken a strong enough role in ensuring compliance, the report says

Exceptional heat lifts ocean temperatures off Australia

Andrews Government deal to give Victorian households a refund on energy bills
MORE than 285,000 Victorian households will be granted a refund on their power bills worth up to $720 a customer.

How changing demographics delivered the inner city for the Greens

New South Wales
Cash-a-can: Container deposit scheme branded a ‘debacle’

Labor leads Queensland election count, but result far from clear
There is “a high probability” the ALP will not win the 47 seats needed to form a majority government in Queensland, ABC election analyst Antony Green says, with neither Labor nor the LNP nearing a majority by the end of Saturday night.

Live Queensland election results

What happens if Labor can’t form a majority government in Queensland?
ABC election expert Antony Green says there are a number of constitutional issues that could force Labor to remain in government without a clear majority in Parliament.

Mine pushes minor closer to historic win
An unexpected surge to the Greens in the newly created seat had candidate Michael Berkman securing more than 28 per cent of the primary vote with about 61 per cent counted. An unexpected surge to the Greens in the newly created seat had candidate Michael Berkman securing more than 28 per cent of the primary vote with about 61 per cent counted.

Labor eyes FNQ clean sweep
Labor has called wins for Mulgrave, Barron River and Cairns, with a nervous wait still remaining for Cook candidate Cynthia Lui.

Transplanting coral could be key to regenerating ‘battered’ Great Barrier Reef
There is fresh life on the Great Barrier Reef, where a team of scientists is regrowing coral from larvae to restore damage that may not recover naturally.

Will Queensland embrace the future or stick with its shocking land clearing past?
Lyndon Schneiders
Clearing Queensland’s forests has been a polarising election issue, with all major players taking dramatically different positions

Election reflects differences of regions and southeast
Sunday Mail editorial
We are fast losing ground to the southern states and that must be a big priority for any new leadership team. We also must not forget the big infrastructure projects that create jobs, or the Adani coal mine.

South Australia
Jay Weatherill announces Royal Commission into Murray-Darling Plan system following claims of upstream rorting

Jay Weatherill’s upstream battle aims to float your vote
Paul Starick
A high-stakes water fight has erupted over the River Murray, ending a historic truce that was to restore 3200 billion litres in lifesaving flows for the ailing waterway.

Giant freshwater crayfish find prompts calls for Tarkine forest protection
Giant freshwater crayfish find prompts more calls for the Tasmanian Government to protect the vulnerable species by revoking logging in 30,000 hectares of rainforest.

Christine Milne calls for onshore fish farming in Tasmania

Fools treat bush as a rubbish dump
From burnt-out cars and old tyres to household goods and rubbish, Tasmania’s reserves and isolated forestry coupes are being used as free dumping grounds.

Gentle giants hide grim past
 Simon Bevilacqua
It is sobering to think Kingston Beach, where people turned out this week to watch a southern right whale at play, was once home to a whaleboat crew.

Northern Territory
Former CLP candidate allocated more water than she could have used: review
Former Country Liberal Party candidate Tina MacFarlane was granted a large water licence that inexplicably allocated more water than she would have been able to use at the time, a review finds.

Western Australia
Helena-Aurora Range mine appeals rejected

Million tonnes of radioactive water still in storage after Fukushima disaster
Japan cannot agree on what to do with a million tonnes of radioactive water being stored at the destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant — and there’s a chance it could spill if another major earthquake or tsunami were to strike.

BMW proposes elevated cycling paths for congested cities
The automaker has a grand vision for making cities less congested, without getting rid of all those ultimate driving machines on the ground.

China limits waste. ‘Cardboard Grannies’ and Texas recyclers scramble.
An intense crackdown by Chinese regulators on imported foreign waste destined to be recycled has had an impact on businesses and municipalities around the world.

Lacking vision and foresight
Charles Wooley
I agree with the growing number of local people around the world who want tourists to “stay home”.

Nature Conservation
Mexico creates vast new ocean reserve to protect ‘Galapagos of North America’
Fishing, mining and new hotels will be prohibited in the ‘biologically spectacular’ Revillagigedo archipelago

Amazon tribe saves plant lore with ‘healing forests’ and encyclopedia
In a bid to safeguard knowledge the Matsés in Peru have been planting “medicinal agroforestry” plots and written a 1,044-page two-volume book.

Death by Killer Algae
When 343 sei whales died from a harmful algal bloom in Chilean Patagonia, they opened a window into the effect changing climate is having on marine mammals, our oceans, and us.

Maelor Himbury