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APRA quizzing companies about their approach to climate risk suggests that we are getting somewhere. The ‘greenwashers’ referred to yesterday need to reconsider their backsliding.

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Robust coral sites offer ‘life-support’ for Great Barrier Reef: paper

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Bonifacio Day    Philippines
Harvest Holiday    Turkmenistan
Independence Day   Barbados   Yemen
National Day    Benin
St. Andrew’s Day      Christianity
International Computer Security Day   https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/computer-security-day/
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Climate Change
Unfrozen In Time: The Dire Warning For The Planet From The Heart Of Antarctica

Moody’s warns cities to address climate risks or face downgrades
Coastal communities from Maine to California have been put on notice from one of the top credit rating agencies: Start preparing for climate change or risk losing access to cheap credit.

Action Plan To Boost Women’s Input On Climate Change
The 23rd UN Conference of the Parties on climate change (COP23) that took place in Bonn this month (November 6—17) took a step forward on emphasising the role of women in the global fight against climate change by adopting a gender action plan (GAP).

Science community considers approaches to climate disinformation
Jeffrey A. Harvey, of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, and his colleagues examine the causes of the consensus gap, focusing on climate-denier Internet blogs and the ways in which they use topics such as Arctic sea ice extent and polar bear well-being to foment misapprehensions about climate change among the public.

The politics of climate change need to be anti-elitist
Kate Aronoff
Painting corporate and climate interests as synonymous helps make the right’s case that only elites have the luxury to care about climate change.

Public view sought on native title changes
Indigenous groups could find it easier to solve disputes over new mines and theme parks thanks to potential law changes.

Banks warned of ‘regulatory action’ as climate change bites global economy
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority says it is quizzing companies about their actions to assess climate risks

The plot to keep critics quiet next election
Peter Martin

Many birds feature in our art and songlines. But I’m #TeamWedgeTail
Karen Wyld
Indigenous people have a strong relationship with birds dating back 60,000 years. The bird poll is an opportunity to share our culture

Large grassfire west of Melbourne deemed ‘under control’ by CFA

New South Wales
Threatened Seahorses At Risk Of Illegal Poaching From Sydney Harbour, Climate Change

What Lies Beneath: The Battle Over Water, Gas And The Pilliga, Our Vast, Pristine Inland Wonderland
Resources giant Santos plans to sink 850 gas wells. The approval process is underway. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

Stokes warns Abbott climate ‘anti-intellectualism’ undermines education system
NSW education minister Rob Stokes has taken a thinly veiled swipe at former prime minister Tony Abbott over his position on climate change, warning that “populist anti-intellectualism” from public figures undermines faith in schools and universities.

Nationals push for new coal generator in NSW is a preposterous idea
Luke Foley
Proposal by NSW Nationals to build new coal fired power station is a preposterous idea pushed by a panicked and desperate politician.

APS policy needs context to avoid ‘pink batts’ failures

Nine seats left to call but Labor still expecting a victory
However, LNP leader Tim Nicholls insisted the election was not yet over, and it was “still in the balance”.

Queensland mining: Coal revival worth extra $1 billion

Robust coral sites offer ‘life-support’ for Great Barrier Reef: paper

How we found 112 ‘recovery reefs’ dotted through the Great Barrier Reef
Peter J Mumby, The University of Queensland

We must avoid the final cut
Katherine Barraclough
My guess is most Australians aren’t aware that an area of forest and bushland the size of the MCG is currently bulldozed in Queensland every three minutes.

South Australia
Liberals refuse to rule out selling SA’s new power station
The SA Liberal Party has no intention of selling off a new state-owned power station if it wins government next year, but the Opposition Leader has stopped short of ruling it out.

Controversial East-West separated bikeway on hold so Adelaide City can consult ratepayers

SA users pay most for power
New data conflicts with the SA Premier’s statements that electricity users in his state pay the lowest prices.

Tesla to switch on SA mega lithium battery on Friday, hitting Musk’s deadline

Why South Australia must, and will, lead world on renewables
Giles Parkinson
Opening of Tesla big battery this week illustrates how South Australia’s system blackout actually accelerated the shift to a clean energy future. The state is likely to double its renewable capacity, and lead the world on storage. It’s an inspiring story.

Fire permits required statewide from Friday

Tasmania’s biosecurity laws upgrades delayed for more consultation

Fears for tiers as wild deers run amok
Conservationists say the State Government’s response to Tasmania’s wild deer problem does not do enough to protect wilderness areas.

Take charge before our heart-shaped island home is loved to death
 Cassy O’Connor
We must talk about what we want as population and tourism grow

Northern Territory
Did street art save these businesses on their power bills?
Brightly coloured murals are said to be having the unintended effect of saving Darwin businesses money.

Western Australia
Transperth buses have never been better, but we’re turning away in droves
Buses in Perth offer increased capacity, higher frequency and cover more residential areas than ever, but fewer people are using buses than four years ago meaning the cost of the service to taxpayers is set to surge, the Auditor-General finds.

‘Win for communities’: Canning Basin fracking agreement torn up

‘Cut freeway bus routes’: report reveals Perth’s bus network ‘unsustainable’

Protest fought on false title claim
An Aboriginal group that sought to block an $80bn gas development has no grounds for native title ownership.

One in six new cars in the world will be electric by 2025
Almost every sixth car in the world will be electric by 2025, according to a UBS global autos survey released Tuesday. And if things go the way they have in 2017, those cars are more likely to be emblazoned with a Tesla Inc. logo than BMW AG’s.

Shell doubles up on green spending and vows to halve carbon footprint
The Anglo-Dutch giant will spend $2bn on wind power, biofuels and electric cars as it bows to shareholder pressure by setting a new company climate change target.

One third of food lost, wasted – enough to feed all hungry people
Believe it or not, the way to eradicate hunger from the face of the Earth is as feasible as it is handy.

Stanford researchers test public receptiveness to different wind energy turbines
With global carbon emissions on the rise, wind power continues to be an attractive option for states and countries looking to limit fossil fuel use and increase renewable energy. Wind already accounts for over 5 percent of electricity generation in the United States. However, a number of issues plague the low-carbon energy source, such as complaints from nearby residents about noise and the killing of hundreds of thousands of birds and bats each year that collide with turbine blades.

Nature Conservation
Study reveals use of toxic pesticides across Punjab
In a recent study, it was found that more than one-third of the pesticides that were being used in vegetables belonged to either highly hazardous (34.2%) or moderately hazardous (35%) categories.

Common pesticide can make migrating birds lose their way, research shows
The experimental study is the first to directly show harm to songbirds, extending the known impacts of neonicotinoids beyond insects.

Higher Plant Species Richness May Not Be Enough To Protect Ecosystems From The Worst Impacts Of Climate Extremes
Studies on mild fluctuations in weather have provided support for the idea that higher biodiversity results in more stable functioning of ecosystems, but critical appraisal of the evidence from extreme event studies is lacking.

Let’s just pretend pesticides don’t harm wildlife
Brett Hartl
Thanks to the dangerous pesticide’s tendency to volatilize and drift up to a mile after being applied, it will continue to routinely find its way into the bloodstreams of hundreds of endangered species.

The world’s oceans desperately need our help
Peter Ricketts
The physical, economic, and food security of populations living in coastal and ocean locations are all at risk like never before.

Now for something completely different …
Pokemon Go players may have racked up as much as $A9.6 billion in damages
In a study entitled “Death By Pokemon Go,” Purdue University researchers estimated that players across the US caused anywhere between $A2.6 billion and $A9.6 billion in traffic-related damages, including lost potential income from persons injured and killed.

Maelor Himbury