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Hmmm, it appears that there’s a bit of dissatisfaction with the NEG that means that it mightn’t get the nod that our ambitious Minister is seeking. And by the way, would he benefit by being the leaker? Just askin’.

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The global energy outlook and what it means for climate change
The two-degree target is way beyond reach on the International Energy Agency’s base scenario, but there are feasible options to achieve a sustainable path.

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National Women’s Day             Samoa
New Regime Anniversary  Zaire (Democratic Congo)
Black Friday shopping            Capitalism
Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day         https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/celebrate-your-unique-talent-day/
Buy Nothing Day                    https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/buy-nothing-day/
More about Nov 24                          https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/November_24

Climate Change
Debunking climate change myths: A Thanksgiving conversation guide
We asked our readers to share the top climate denial claims and global warming questions they hear from family. Here’s what science shows — and how to explain it.

Ice apocalypse
New research reveals scary projections for rapid sea-level rise.

Meadows Beat Out Shrubs When it Comes to Carbon Storage

Climate Change Could Increase Volcano Eruptions
A new study, led by the University of Leeds, found there was less volcanic activity in Iceland when glacier cover was more extensive. As the glaciers melted, volcanic eruptions increased due to subsequent changes in surface pressure.

Could a rogue nation alter clouds to combat warming?
Plans for two experiments to potentially slow global warming by deploying tiny particles into the atmosphere have sparked an international debate over whether such tests should be allowed without some form of government scrutiny.

The global energy outlook and what it means for climate change
The two-degree target is way beyond reach on the International Energy Agency’s base scenario, but there are feasible options to achieve a sustainable path.

Research reveals China’s reversing emission flows
The flow of China’s carbon emissions has reversed according to new research led by scientists at the University of East Anglia (UEA).

Australia corporate solar market ready to boom, says New Energy Solar
The head of what will be Australia’s largest listed specialist solar investment fund is looking to tap the booming corporate solar sector.

Josh Frydenberg to seek NEG nod by April, final design settled by end of 2018

Energy cartel laws waived for food processors desperate to reduce costs
A group of energy intensive food processors gain exception to cartel laws to tender for cheaper electricity and gas.

Regulator questions coal future
The nation’s peak energy regulators have crushed talk of big new investments in coal-fired power.

Australia facing climate disaster on its doorstep, government’s white paper warns
Foreign policy paper says climate-related conflict and migration could put Australia’s economic interests under pressure.

Household water use increases 3%
A total 16,132 gigalitres of water was consumed over the 2015-16 year, the Australian Bureau of Statistics announced today in its annual snapshot of water supply and use for the Australian economy.

Labor states push for further investigation of Turnbull energy guarantee
Jay Weatherill says South Australia opposed to policy in current form and ACT ‘very concerned’ before energy meeting

Is NEG just an elaborate plan to fund Turnbull’s vanity project?
Giles Parkinson
Latest advice from Energy Security board makes it clear that on current policy settings the NEG will not reduce emissions, cut costs or invite new wind and solar investment. But there may be something else afoot – Malcolm Turnbull’s vanity project.

Here are 4 essential fixes for the National Energy Guarantee
Tristan Edis & Ric Brazzale
A policy that doesn’t encourage additional generation capacity won’t reduce high power prices. Here are four essential fixes for the NEG.

With a few smart moves, we can relieve the pressure on gas
Amandine Denis, Monash University
We can make up 70% of Australia’s projected gas shortfall simply by improving energy efficiency and sensible use of gas alternatives.

Australians Want to Hear the Voices of Charities – Politicians Take Note
David Crosbie
Recent studies show that an overwhelming majority of Australians support the idea that the voice of charities is an important part of our democracy and all politicians would do well to take note

Cut our migrant intake to lift living standards, jobs and housing affordability
Mike O’Connor

First Australian corporate bulk-buy to deliver new 80MW wind farm
An 80MW wind farm to be built near Ararat after first-of-kind contract with powerful consortium of 14 universities, corporations and Councils.

Bendigo protestors march against Adani coal mine

Coal-fired Loy Yang B power station sold to Alinta’s HK owners
The owner of the Loy Yang B power station has confirmed it’s selling the plant to Alinta Energy’s Hong Kong-based owners Chow Tai Fook Enterprises.

Diesel generator back-up power plan for peak demand
Plans are underway to set-up diesel generators in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, to be used as a back-up power supply on days of high electricity demand. 

Rare ‘Mini Godzilla’ Found In Victoria For The First Time In 30 Years

We’re just two days into a heatwave and our grid is already on the edge

Cheapest, shortest route to be chosen for North East Link

Grazing land swallowed up
Victorian agriculture has lost an area the size of greater metropolitan Melbourne to other land uses over the past decade, according to the State Government’s latest Catchment Condition and Management report.

Logging halted in 34 areas as environmentalists challenge contentious forest deal
Logging has been suspended at 34 sites in Victoria following a legal challenge that, if successful, threatens the validity of controversial timber operations in native forests across Australia.

Gas supply ‘at mercy of Bass Strait’
Gas production in southeast Australia will start to fall sharply early next decade, according to a study.

Tom Elliott: Labor needs to help Aussie battlers to win the 2018 Victorian state election
Trendy Left-wing, inner-city voters will never return to Labor, preferring instead the Greens’ siren-like call of environmental, indigenous, LGBTQI and pro-refugee activism. Mr Andrews’s party should shift its focus to what it once did best — improving outcomes for working-class Victorians.

New South Wales
How a once thriving industry perished in western NSW
Communities in western NSW are pushing against the government’s half-billion-dollar pipeline plan to connect the mining town of Broken Hill to the Murray River.

Electricity prices have gone up three times more than wage growth

Station suspected of illegal land clearing in Great Barrier Reef catchment
A North Queensland cattle station is accused of illegally logging about 60 hectares of forest in the Great Barrier Reef catchment, an area thought to be home to koalas and other endangered species.

Palaszczuk refuses to rule out funding road upgrade for Adani mine
Despite Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk previously stating that taxpayers’ money would not be provided for the Adani mine, she keeps the door open for the Government to pay for road upgrades linked to the project.

Farmers and graziers ‘afraid to speak out’ against Adani mine
Queensland farmers worry the Galilee Basin will be “destroyed” by mining companies, leaving their children with nothing, while graziers complain of being gagged over forced land acquisitions, but others dispute this.

Trad slams anti-mine brigade
Deputy Labor leader Jackie Trad has said anti-Adani protesters should be ‘ashamed’.

Oakey New Acland mine: Fears of family exodus if expansion cancelled

Queensland Rail fail: Passenger survey shows dissatisfaction has almost quadrupled

Koala conservation: Tree clearing kills more than 5000 in four years
More than 5000 koalas have been killed in Queensland in the past four years because of mass tree clearing, new research has revealed.

The Greens outline their balance of power demands
Banning cash-for-access meetings and scrapping the Adani mine’s royalty holiday are top of the list for the Greens.

Traditional Owners Expose Adani’s Relentless Pursuit of W&J Country
Kristen Lyons
In the third in a five part series on the proposed Adani Carmichael coal mine, Kristen Lyons looks at a deal struck between the miners…

Queenslanders must ensure end to LNP deforestation and species extinction
Gemma Plesman
Queenslanders have a fantastic opportunity to write a happy ending to the tragic deforestation crisis. 

Why Climate Change Is A Key Issue In The Queensland Election
Andrew Picone

Queensland Election 2017: Vote LNP for best chance to unite state
Courier Mail editorial

Queenslanders’ critical economic crossroads
Australian editorial

A tale of two Queenslands … and of One Nation
Madonna King
While the Adani decision has followed Labor’s leader like a bad smell, the LNP’s choice to tolerate One Nation is not playing well for Tim Nicholls in the city.

Public investment in electricity generation – a hot-button issue in Queensland?
John Quiggin

South Australia
1414 plans two “gigawatt hour” silicon storage plants in S.A.
South Australian company opens new manufacturing facility and says it plans to build two grid scale 1GWh silicon storage systems in the state.

Tesla big battery on track to be “energised” in coming days
Tesla big battery fully installed and on time in South Australia, and about to be “energised” and tested by regulators and market operators.

Onkaparinga Council only fined five people for illegal dumping out of 2200 reports

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg to face off with SA Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis over energy policy

Council survey comes out in support of cat registration but councillors reject it

Parks and Wildlife firefighters still without specific cancer compensation laws
There are calls to expand cancer compensation laws to include professional firefighters and crews working for Tasmania’s Parks and Wildlife Service and forestry authorities.

TasWater takeover bill defeated in Upper House
The State Government’s proposal to take over TasWater is defeated in the Upper House by 10 votes to four.

Northern Territory 
Common sense must prevail
NT News editorial
Footage of a large commercial fishing net being used at the Shady Camp boat ramp which emerged this week clearly bears no resemblance to most Territorians’ idea of traditional Aboriginal fishing practices.

Western Australia
Meet the man lobbying for a nuclear waste dump in his backyard
A mining entrepreneur who came to WA’s northern Goldfields during the 1960s nickel boom is behind a new bid to develop an outback repository to store the nation’s radioactive waste.

How to have a sustainable, no waste Christmas
With a month till Christmas how can you have an environmentally sustainable Christmas?

LNG producers look to cash in on China’s winter coal cuts
China’s crackdown on air pollution by reducing coal use looks like giving LNG producers a second wind.

UK to seek to cut plastic waste through tax system, charges: Hammond
The British government will look into ways to reduce plastic waste through the tax system and charges on single-use plastic items, finance minister Philip Hammond said on Wednesday during his budget speech to parliament.

Solar Energy Becomes Largest Source of New Electricity Capacity in India
The solar sector has surpassed coal as the largest generator of new electricity in India, accounting for 39 percent of new electricity production in 2017, according to new data.

How tech nerds can reinvent electricity before it’s too late
Murray Hogarth 
There’s a growing mob that thinks it can reinvent electricity, from old to new, and from a supply-dominated industry-based model to consumers-in-control.

Breathless in Delhi;  a taste of environmental armageddon
Brigid Delaney
Even on the better days in the enveloping smog, the climate-compromised city hurts your lungs and reddens your eyes.

Our relentless consumption is trashing the planet
George Monbiot
Growth must go on – and it’s destroying the Earth. But there’s no way of greening it. So we need a new system.

Nature Conservation
How do offshore wind farms affect ocean ecosystems?
Some scientists say wind turbine areas are like artificial reefs, creating sanctuaries for marine life. But plenty of questions regarding their environmental impact remain.

As the Chitra turns saline, mangroves appear
In parts of Bangladesh, especially along the Chitra river, mangrove forests are appearing as the river water turns saline.

‘Lost’ 99% of Ocean Microplastics to Be Identified With Dye?
The smallest microplastics in oceans, which go largely undetected, can be identified more effectively with an innovative and cheap new method, report researchers. 

Now for something completely different …
Bottoms up: Coffee drinking probably good for you, experts say
Drinking up to four cups of coffee a day is more likely to benefit than harm your health, experts say, after a review brings together more than 200 studies on the health impacts of the beverage.

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