The best Ginkgoes in town?

It’s usually only in the older suburbs that you find Ginkgoes. I’ve yet to find one out here in Oak Park where I now live, though there are plenty of Eucalypts around, including the most fragrant E citriodora that has walking up the hill to go past for a hearty sniff. Hawthorn, where I did live, has Ginkgoes aplenty and almost every time I drive through, sometimes even on roads I pass by often, I find a new one.

But two of the biggest and best Ginkgoes are at 401 St Georges Road, just before north-bound pedestrians/cyclists/drivers cross the Merri Creek.

There’s one bursting out of the front yard and overhanging the street and the other can be seen standing behind the house providing summer shade to whoever is lolling about in the back yard.

The quite dark green Ginkgo in the pic below is in Little Bourke Street’s Chinatown (appropriately) in the courtyard of the Chinese Museum, between Russell and Exhibition. This is a tree that sits well in its immediate environment