Daily Links Dec 12

Well, well, well, who’d have thought it? The government’s Climate Change Authority, from which scientific expertise has been removed, has found that the government’s Emissions Reduction Fund, which has doled out taxpayer dollars to fund activities that would have largely occurred anyway, is ‘performing well, creating incentives for … emission reductions at low cost’. What a load of old cobblers.

Loudmouths doing what they do best

No-one plans like the Loudmouths plan. In this case, we’re off to Boodjamulla in June/July 2018 to look for Kalkadoon grasswrens, Carpentarian grasswrens, Lilac-crowned fairy wren, Sandstone shrike thrush and more. This takes planning and where better to plan and plan often than some eatery and drinkery?

Daily Links Dec 11

And now for something completely different:https://www.theguardian.com/environment/live/2017/dec/11/bird-of-the-year-150000-votes-counted-as-ibis-fans-anxiously-await-resultsxx

Daily Links Dec 10

Top Post Aus anti-nuke group to accept Nobel Prize An Australian-founded group of anti-nuclear bomb campaigners will accept their Nobel Peace Prize alongside an 85-year-old Hiroshima survivor. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/breaking-news/aus-antinuke-group-to-accept-nobel-prize/news-story/85f2203dd7211b82dd06f5320e7c396b Today’s Celebration …

Daily Links Dec 9

Top Post Land clearing and climate change Mike Seccombe While the federal government boasts of decreasing carbon emissions from land clearing, state records show rapidly increasing rates of clearing, at …

Daily Links Dec 8

No ‘unhinged’ Senator Canavan, the reason the Qld government vetoed the tax-payer funded loan for Adani (apart from needing to win the recent election) is that it’s an absolute stinker of a project. The sooner you stop being the Minister for Adani the better.

Daily Links Dec 7

I was getting quite depressed reading the Erlichs’ article right down this list – growth mania is universal and particularly conspicuous at this time of year. Then I got to the last sentence and the advice to drink good wine to care for my internal environment. Oh, and my flippancy is a coping mechanism for article – induced depression.

Daily Links Dec 6

When it comes to facing the grand-kids, Rudd fluffed the greatest  moral challenge of time, the Greens held out for the perfect when the good would have been a good …