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When big asset managers say that we have to change capitalism to beat climate change we are heading in the right direction. It is a case of ‘when all is said and done, there’ll be more said than done’ but at least saying it is a start. 

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Effective response to climate change depends on hope, not fear
A new study suggests that the motivation to act against climate change depends not on fear but instead on psychological coping strategies that help people deal with their environmental worries.

Today’s Celebration
Duarte Day        Dominican Republic
Foundation Day (Santos)  Brazil
Republic Day      India
More about Jan 26       https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/January_26
Australia Day      Australia
A statistical analysis of Australia Day BBQs by the ABS
Australia Day: do you know what you’re celebrating?
First Dog on the Moon
Congratulations to these Australia Day award recipients for services to the environment
(Apologies to any I have missed)
Trevor John McDougall, NSW
Meg Heather Lees, SA
Chloe Munro, VIC
Anthony Richard Wood, VIC
Shelley Mary Burgin, QLD
Kerry Lee Gardner, VIC
Michael Keith Morcombe, WA
Andrew Vallejo Myer, VIC
John Stuart Dahlenburg, VIC
Ian Thomas Fraser, ACT
Peter Humfry Henchman, NSW
Kazimierz Herbst, SA
Peter Joseph Janssen, NSW
Geoffrey Richard Sainty, NSW
Peter John Stokie, VIC
Dianne Gail Thompspn, ACT
Gillian Shirley Tolley, VIC
Ronald Trevor Whitelaw, SA
Angus Donald Gordon, NSW
David Bruce GAY, VIC
Cheryl Ann Batagol, VIC

Climate Change
Effective response to climate change depends on hope, not fear
A new study suggests that the motivation to act against climate change depends not on fear but instead on psychological coping strategies that help people deal with their environmental worries.

How climate change is triggering a migrant crisis in Vietnam
The Vietnamese Mekong Delta is one of Earth’s most agriculturally productive regions and is of global importance for its exports of rice, shrimp and fruit. The 18 million inhabitants of this low-lying river delta are also some of the world’s most vulnerable to climate change.

‘We have to change capitalism’ to beat climate change, says world’s biggest asset manager
Top brass at the world’s largest asset manager says the rules governing investments are evolving to factor in environmental risks

Murky world of ‘science’ journals a new frontier for climate deniers
Graham Readfearn
Deniers have found a platform in emerging publications that publish without rigorous review

Renewables investment dwarfs record
Fresh evidence has emerged of the sheer volume of investment flowing into new wind and solar projects.

Heatwave is back with vengeance
Extreme temperatures are expected for large areas of southeastern Australia this long weekend.

Australians still trashing their beaches and streets, report finds

Charge shock to hit electric cars
Electric car drivers pay about $5000 to $10,000 more each year in all-up costs than drivers of equivalent petrol or diesel cars.

Australian homeowners set to pay more for insurance after London decision to ditch coal
Karl Mallon

Teslas are going to get cheaper, but not because of the government
John McDuling

Electric cars Australia: why they won’t work
Mike O’Connor

Why is Australia misleading consumers on electric vehicle emissions?
Giles Parkinson
Craig Kelly has proved a loose cannon on the subject of EV emissions, but the government is not helping by providing misleading information to consumers.

Australia added 1.3GW of solar in 2017, and could treble it in 2018
Ric Brazzale
While 2017 was a record year for solar PV in Australia, it will be completely put in the shade by what we’re likely to install in 2018.

Hot temperatures to rock Victoria’s grid

New South Wales
Canberra renters can’t beat the heat
Joel Dignam

People could save up to $588 on electricity bills by switching

Hopes fade to meet target of solar panel on one million roofs

South Australia
Prospect Council’s new vision for Main North Rd as ‘green corporate boulevard’

Last coal-fired station tumbles
The destruction of South Australia’s last coal-fired power station is almost complete after an 80-metre high chimney stack came crashing down this morning

Northern Territory
Tesla among 19 groups competing to build Darwin big battery
Tesla among 19 groups bidding for contract to build a big battery in Darwin that will reduce the need for back-up gas generators, and smooth the way for more solar PV in the Northern Territory.

Western Australia
‘It just makes sense’: New regulations to allow WA fishers to pool catches

Sustainable shopping: how to stay green when buying white goods

Doomsday clock edges closer to midnight
Scientists have moved the symbolic Doomsday Clock by half a minute, saying the world is at its closest to annihilation since the height of the Cold War due to world leaders’ poor response to threats of nuclear war.

Raising kids in Delhi’s worsening air
To live in the Indian capital these past years has been to witness a city coming to the slow, sickening realization of a terrible crisis.

Phosphorus Pollution Reaching Dangerous Levels Worldwide, New Study Finds
Man-made phosphorus pollution is reaching dangerously high levels in freshwater basins around the world, according to new research.

Recycling and reusing worn cathodes to make new lithium ion batteries
Nanoengineers at the University of California San Diego have developed an energy-efficient recycling process that restores used cathodes from spent lithium ion batteries and makes them work just as good as new.

A simple new approach to plastic solar cells
Osaka University researchers intelligently design new highly efficient organic solar cells based on amorphous electronic materials with potential for easy printing

Facing public pressure, companies are ditching plastic
After the EU unveiled a high-profile push to rid the continent of plastic waste, now companies like McDonald’s, Costa and Evian are announcing their own initiatives. Can this help solve the world’s plastic trash problem?

Study links toxic pollutants with high cholesterol among Inuit
Once again the health of Inuit appears to be under threat from something that people in the North can’t see and didn’t cause, but which is a menace that’s likely to intensify as the Arctic warms.

Putting the ‘farm’ back in solar farms: Study to test ag potential at PV sites
Minnesota will be included in a study to help federal researchers test the potential of pollinator-friendly habitat and fruit and vegetable crops around solar arrays.

What Is the Environmental Impact of Your Lunch-Time Sandwich?
The carbon footprint of your sandwich could be having a major impact on greenhouse gas emissions according to new research.

Big talk, big cost, big battery but small result
Russell Grenning
Tesla products would run even better if Tesla hype could be converted into electricity.

Is this the end of civilisation? We could take a different path
George Monbiot
Environmental breakdown, coupled with the self-destructive behaviour of governments, has set us on a road to ruin. And we’re blocking off all means of escape.

Nature Conservation
Plastic is spreading deadly diseases to coral reefs
Coral disease frequency jumps from 4 per cent to 89 per cent when coral is in contact with plastic pollution, a study published in Science magazine finds.

Poaching still threatens S.Africa’s rhinos
South Africa’s efforts to stem the poaching of endangered rhinos for their horns failed to prevent another five per cent of the population being slaughtered last year.

Nearly Half of California’s Vegetation at Risk from Climate Stress
Current levels of greenhouse gas emissions are putting nearly half of California’s natural vegetation at risk from climate stress.

Humans get in the way of mammal movement
New global study of 57 mammal species finds human modifications to natural landscapes prevent normal movement

Traditional Ecological Knowledge: A different perspective on environmental health
Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) refers to knowledge of the relationships between people and the natural environment that has been passed down for thousands of years.

Megadams not clean or green, says expert
Forty years of research show hydro dams create environmental damage, says David Schindler.

Think Of Honeybees As ‘Livestock’ Not Wildlife, Argue Experts
The ‘die-off’ events occurring in honeybee colonies that are bred and farmed like livestock must not be confused with the conservation crisis of dramatic declines in thousands of wild pollinator species, say Cambridge researchers.

Environment groups lambast fishing industry over bird deaths and sea floor damage
Can the green seal of approval for some of our fish be trusted, ask environment groups.

Smallest wild cat in the Americas faces big problems — but hope exists
The smallest wild cat species in the Americas faces big problems as its habitat dwindles and it’s targeted as a farm pest. But a new study shows it may be able to persist in a human-dominated world — if farmers and policymakers give it a hand.

Maelor Himbury