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Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows. If something prompts the IPA to join with GetUp! We should be very concerned, no – very, very concerned; in fact, we ought to be scared. 

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‘The Franklin would be dammed today’: Australia’s shrinking environmental protections
Adam Morton
The nation is losing the political will to protect our pristine places – and biodiversity is suffering

Today’s Celebration
World Leprosy Day   http://www.lepra.org.uk/articles.asp?article_id=161
More about Jan 30     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/January_30

Climate Change
The land of ice embracing climate change
Big nations might be struggling to avoid a two-degree temperature rise, but the Arctic island of Greenland is welcoming it.

Climate change: Where in New Zealand could be worst hit?
NZ has $20b of stormwater and wastewater systems that are not up to what may be coming.

Plunging costs make solar, wind and battery storage cheaper than coal
Tender by major US utility puts the cost of wind plus battery storage and solar plus battery storage below the cost of existing coal plants. It indicates that the cost of large-scale battery storage have fallen by more than half in the past year.

Climate change projects headline innovation agenda
The body set up by the Turnbull government to create its innovation agenda has proposed climate change projects to spur development.

IPA joins forces with GetUp! to condemn ‘unprecedented and dangerous’ donations law

Energy prices double in just one year
Average wholesale energy prices in Victoria and South Australia have more than doubled since this time last year amid predictions blackouts will only worsen.

Charge shock to hit electric cars
Electric car drivers pay about $5000 to $10,000 more each year in all-up costs than drivers of equivalent petrol or diesel cars.

‘The Franklin would be dammed today’: Australia’s shrinking environmental protections
Adam Morton
The nation is losing the political will to protect our pristine places – and biodiversity is suffering

Concealing the truth about power
Robert Gottliebsen
Maybe we need more power blackouts to teach the community it has been misled about energy policy.

Victoria may force power companies to compensate for outages
Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says he will seek to compel energy companies to compensate tens of thousands of households and businesses that were left without power as the state sweltered through its hottest night of the summer.

Gas prices Victoria: Josh Frydenberg blames Labor for massive price hike

Tiny home batteries propping up Victoria’s coal-fired power plants

Sunday blackouts a failure of networks, not supply

Victorian networks blow a fuse in heatwave – Coalition blows its mind on Twitter
Sophie Vorrath
Victoria’s blackouts on Sunday had nothing to do with any crisis of energy supply – coal, renewable or otherwise. But why let the truth get in the way of a good smear campaign?

New South Wales
Royal National Park glamping development set for court challenge
Opponents of a “glamping” development in Australia’s oldest national park vow to take legal action, saying the environment will be put at risk if construction begins.

Another solar farm in pipeline for Queensland, as 120MW project approved
Another large-scale solar project looks set to go ahead on Queensland’s Fraser Coast, after plans to build a 120MW solar farm at Munna Creek got the nod from the local council last week.

Linc Energy in court for allegedly breaching environmental conditions
The prosecution of Linc Energy over one of the states biggest environmental cases will take at least nine weeks and involve potentially more than 60 witnesses and include academics, consultants and former staff.

Is Adani’s coal mine dead?
The carmicheal coal mine is tearing QLD apart, as protesters vow to do everything possible to stop the mine in it’s tracks, but will Adani push forward with a mine that seems doomed?

New council bird ban could ruffle some Brisbane feathers

South Australia
Farmers call for independent review of Mining Act
Farmers are calling for the State Government’s review of the Mining Act to be handled by an independent body, fearing their rights over land are being clawed away.

Know your NEM: Tesla big battery takes centre stage
David Leitch
Tesla big battery highlights opportunities for utility scale batteries, and more wind and solar farms are looking hard at the technology.

Exhaust fumes are as harmful as smoking, we need electric cars for healthier air
Graeme McLeay
These emissions, along with those from coal, are linked to illness and death from heart, vascular or respiratory disease, dementia, and lung cancer.

Making waves in Hobart on journey to nuclear treaty
Sally Attrill
This is the 96th voyage of the Peace Boat, since its first trip in 1983. During that time it has visited over 120 ports in more than 80 countries.

Northern Territory
Monsoon to ease after dumping record rains
THE torrential monsoon rain that has lashed the Top End, dumping record rainfalls, felling trees and flooding rivers for 12 days is expected to ease from late today.

Kimberley residents facing major flooding
Hundreds of residents of Daly River in the Northern Territory’s Kimberley region are being evacuated after a major flood warning was issued.

Dangerous mahoganies must be removed from Darwin
Ashley Manicaros
Now it has to be a wake-up call as to just how unstable and dangerous these trees are. We have to start replacing mahoganies regardless of the protests

Western Australia
Augusta residents warned to evacuate as out-of-control bushfire threatens homes

Warning for Kelmscott residents as bush fire approaches

An eco-friendly cuppa? Now teabags are set to go plastic-free
Co-op announces initiative to reduce Britain’s plastic waste

Vanuatu steps up fight against coastal and marine pollution
Vanuatu is tackling coastal and marine pollution by banning single-use non-biodegradable plastic bags and polystyrene takeaway boxes from 31 January.

Model predicts scenarios for energy generation using nuclear fusion
Study by a Brazilian researcher helps scientists understand and control physical processes that are essential to the success of ITER, a fusion reactor prototype designed to reproduce on a small scale the process that generates energy in the Sun.

Solar heat could make power + water for Namibia: Study
Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is suited to regions with good solar resource. Here’s how it can solve related water scarcity

Coal phase-out: Announcing CO2-pricing triggers divestment
Putting the Paris climate agreement into practice will trigger opposed reactions by investors on the one hand and fossil fuel owners on the other hand.

Obama man flat on battery power
Battery plants are too costly to meet long-term power storage needs, says former US energy secretary Steven Chu.

Natural gas killed coal – now renewables and batteries are taking over
Dana Nuccitelli
To avoid dangerous climate change, we can’t rely on natural gas replacing coal

Doomsday Clock ticking but prediction remains difficult
Tom Switzer

Nature Conservation
Chile creates five national parks over 10m acres in historic act of conservation
Founder of Patagonia firm donates 1m acres of private land
President Bachelet signs ‘unprecedented’ measure into law

The Israeli taking concrete steps to save marine life
Shimrit Perkol-Finkel and her business partner designed a new concrete mix that can double biodiversity in urban waterfronts.

Ecologist rates Thai coral reef decay rate as alarming
The total area experiencing coral reef damage in Thailand has increased from 30% to 77% in just one decade, according to marine ecologist Asst Prof Thon Thamrongnawasawat.

Getting to Zero Deforestation
A new synthesis paper reveals strengths and weaknesses of corporate environmental pledges; prescribes solutions to boost …

Mammals and birds could have best shot at surviving climate change
New research that analyzed more than 270 million years of data on animals shows that mammals and birds – both warm-blooded animals – may have a better chance of evolving and adapting to the Earth’s rapidly changing climate than their cold-blooded peers, reptiles and amphibians.

America’s public lands belong to all of us. We owe it to ourselves to save them
Theodore Roosevelt IV
We Americans can do better in the fight to protect our threatened heritage

Maelor Himbury