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Victoria’s greenhouse alliances are  also involved in putting solar panels on rental properties. Renewables are filling in the dots, why would anyone support increasing mining/exporting/using fossil fuels?

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Should we give up half of the Earth to wildlife?
Populations of all kinds of wildlife are declining at alarming speed. One radical solution is to make 50% of the planet a nature reserve

Today’s Celebration
National Democracy Day    Nepal
National Flag Day        Turkmenistan
Family Day (Saskatchewan only)  Canada
International Tug-of-War Day     https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/international-tug-of-war-day/
More about Feb 19         https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/February_19

Climate Change
Optimism alone won’t solve climate crisis. It’s time to blend in fear
Chris Gorell Barnes
If we can shake people up with this wake-up call, we can create enough constructive anger and personal-level responsibility to get climate crisis back to a level where the world can survive. Now over to you. What’s your message of fear and hope?

Our unique seeds are bound for icy Doomsday Vault
Australia is about to make its largest deposit into the global seed vault in Norway, as part of the 10th anniversary of the facility dubbed the “Doomsday Vault”.

Helping renters get solar panels on their roof
As a record number of Australian households benefit from putting solar on their roof, we look at some of the options for renters who have traditionally been locked out of doing this.

Recyclable cups and homegrown brands: choosing a better coffee brew
Australians love coffee but the industry has a huge environmental and social impact. Our new series Life Swaps looks at how to find better caffeine options

Emissions increases approved by regulator may wipe out $260m of Direct Action cuts
Nearly 60 industrial sites get green light to increase emissions, cancelling out cuts paid for by Coalition using public money

Generators lap up higher power prices
The first summer since the shutdown of the huge Hazelwood coal generator in Victoria has proved a boon for other electricity producers making the most of higher power prices.

Renewable energy: powering Australia in more ways than one
James Wright
A jobs boom is sweeping across regional Australia and there’s one industry to thank – the renewable energy sector.

Environmental impact of North East Link toll road revealed
Groundwater beneath the Yarra River may be affected, and creeks turned into drains, by construction of the $16.5 billion North East Link toll road.

Victorians waiting on $3bn in transport projects
The state’s commuters and public transport users are being made to wait for much-needed ­upgrades despite federal funding, as Premier Daniel Andrews stalls on $3 billion in upgrades.

New South Wales
Metro West rail needed to create ‘30-minute city’
A new Metro West train line is the only way the state government can achieve its dream of turning Sydney into a “30-minute city”, where it takes locals just half an hour to get to their jobs.

Green light for railway siding at Fyshwick waste site

Queenslanders could get rebates for energy efficient whitegoods
From Monday, Queenslanders could be eligible for up to $300 from the state government for buying an energy-efficient appliance.

Activist refers MP to police over gun post
A Queensland environmental activist has reported federal MP George Christensen to police over a controversial Facebook post.

Hope for region’s energy options
Federal MP Warren Entsch has urged the state government to open up the Far North to alternative energy retailers after the country’s biggest solar and storage project was connected to the grid north of Cairns.

South Australia
SafeWork SA investigates huge solar project for safety breaches
One of South Australia’s biggest solar projects is under investigation over alleged safety breaches following the death of a worker.

SA Labor makes roads and rail pledge
South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill has outlined a $2 billion plan for road, rail and port construction at Labor’s election launch.

It’s 20 years since privatisation lit the spark under South Australia’s livewire energy politics
Marc Hudson, University of Manchester

Liberals plan to tighten forest protest laws

Monsanto loses bid to stop Arkansas ban on farm chemical
An Arkansas judge on Friday dismissed a Monsanto Co lawsuit aiming to stop Arkansas from blocking the use of a controversial farm chemical the company makes, dealing a blow to its attempts to increase sales of genetically engineered seeds.

Coal chief warns against ‘green’ failure to back industry
Head of trade body says investment boycotts will damage drive for cleaner world.

Chile’s pollution problems has led to green startups
Charis McGowan
All citizens have a responsibility to improve our living spaces, and Chile is setting an example by showing how tech can accelerate our collaboration to achieve greener, cleaner, and just all-around nicer places to live in.

Has there ever been a more gilded eco-warrior than the Queen?
Rebecca Nicholson
In an example to her subjects, our monarch has now backed efforts to reduce plastic waste on the royal estates.

Nature Conservation
Should we give up half of the Earth to wildlife?
Populations of all kinds of wildlife are declining at alarming speed. One radical solution is to make 50% of the planet a nature reserve

Plastic pollution, fish: It all smells the same to a seabird
A sweeping look at 10 species of seabirds gives insight into why their numbers have plummeted over the past 60 years.

Denying climate change spells doom for Louisiana’s coast
Bob Marshall
In the bottom third of Louisiana the average elevation is 2.5 feet, and we’re expecting at least 3 to 5 feet of sea level rise and sinking by the end of the century.

How long can we treat the suffering of animals as an inconvenient truth?
Michael Brooks
A revolution is coming in our relationship with ‘lower’ creatures, provoked by a greater knowledge of their cognition.

Maelor Himbury