Daily Links Feb 17

The parallels with Gunns in Tasmania and Adani in Queensland are either just coincidental or, as the article below argues, an inevitability when government is so beholden to corporate backers. Ban political donations, put a ban on resigning Ministers becoming board members of companies related to their previous portfolios and give us a federal Integrity Commission.

Daily Links Feb 16

Get used to changes in many species’ distribution, not just populations of blue-ringed octopus and jellyfish. Water temperatures are changing – get used to many many other changes too as we see carbon emissions continue unchecked.

Daily Links Feb 15

Labour should toughen its stance Adani, Tony, or are you judging that the Hunter seats can be so taken for granted that Labour and your union will wear the job losses there? How are we ahead in winning a battle to lose a war – and climate change is the biggest war of all. As the Greenies tell is, No Jobs on a Dead Planet.

Daily Links Feb 14

Peter Lewis, the Labour left is thinking about blue-collar jobs in opposing the Adani mind and the rest of the Galilee Basin development – blue-collar jobs in the Hunter. There is a diminishing market for coal and all the Galilee developments will do is substitute rather than increase jobs.


Our record on extinctions is a national disgrace and with climate change impacts looming will become even more disgraceful. One species already having a hard time is the Orange Bellied …

Daily Links Feb 12

King tides are being monitored through the Green Cross Witness King Tides program. Check them on greencrossaustralia.org and add your own pictures.

Daily Links Feb 10

Top Post The tradeoff between cleaner ship fuels and global warming A new study shows that cleaner, low-sulfur shipping fuels should reduce the number of air pollution-related deaths around the …